The Great Clipper Comparison - Helping you Choose the Right Clipper

The Great Clipper Comparison - Helping you Choose the Right Clipper
The Great Clipper Comparison - Helping you Choose the Right Clipper

Clipper Comparison

Dog Grooming Clippers

Purchasing clippers for your grooming kit is an investment. The right clipper can cut grooming time and improve the finish.  People will have different qualities they want in a clipper and it’s important to consider these when shopping for a new clipper.   

Things to consider

Budget You get what to pay for and choosing a cheap pet owner targeted clipper is unlikely to be cost-effective when used in a salon setting.  These cheaper pet owner models will not last as long as a professional model.  Investing in a clipper will mean shorter groom times, less maintenance, and a better finish for your grooms

How busy is your salon? The number of dogs you groom per day will affect which clipper will perform best for you.  Speed and power will play a big part in keeping groom times to a minimum without compromising on finish. Professional workhorse models will continue to perform to a high standard all day, every day. 

Clippers which tend to run faster are great for short clean coats, but the speed means the blades tend to heat up quicker and therefore these clippers will require frequent blade changes and the use of more coolant.

Slower clippers are great for heavier coated breeds which benefit from increased power and torque.  As they are slower, there is less chance of clipper accidents plus they won’t heat up so quickly.  This is useful for less confident groomers as helps minimise risk of clipper burn. 

Rotary motors are often preferred because they are stronger, thus packing more power in lower rotary speeds.

Coat Types - What coat types you see in your salon? Do you often groom very matted dogs? Tight curly coat breeds and double coated breeds for example will require a more powerful clipper.

Experience Level If you are a new groomer or a student you may wish to start with a slower clipper with a universal magnetic rotary motor as there will be less chance of accind  This will mean more experienced comfortable with high speed , power and max torque clipper but beginning may wish to start with a slower universal magnetic rotary clipper – less chance of accident and clipper burn.

Corded or Cordless Clippers  The main benefit of a corded clipper is that they always have a flow of power which means you’ll be able to groom continually with your clipper, avoiding down time while batteries charge.  You can also be sure that your clipper won’t drop power during a groom.  Restrictions of corded clippers include movement limited by cord length, and potential cord damage (power cords are not covered by the warranty). 

The cordless clippers now on the market compete very well with corded clipper when comparing speed and power and your movement is not limited by cord length. Your limits with a cordless clipper will be battery charge time, and the fact that the power of your clippers may drop as the battery reaches the end of it’s charge.  Many of our cordless clippers however, come with a second battery so this will ensure continuous grooming and no delay while you wait for single batterys to charge. 

Weight You want to choose an ergonomic clipper than fits nicely in your hand and is weighty but not heavy.  Using a clipper that is too heavy for you will tire your wrist and may also cause damage to your wrist.  Even choosing a clipper that is slightly lighter may improve your working day. Keep in mind that the top-quality cordless clippers may weight more than corded clippers

Sound Using a quieter clipper will be beneficial not only for the dogs on your table, some of which may exhibit anxious behaviours while being groomed, but also for you as a groomer.  The grooming salon environment can be very noisy with the sound of dogs, phones and voices, blasters and clippers, so looking for a quieter equipment can help protect your ears.  Corded clippers generally vibrate less and are quieter than cordless clippers.

Blade Type  The majority of our clippers take detachable A5 snap-on blades but some use an adjustable blade. These blades can be altered to different cutting lengths and mean that you don’t need to purchase a selection of different blades for your clipper.  These blades also tend to run cooler.  Take extra care when cleaning these blades as the adjustable design means debris and dander can get caught.

Things to note – Just because clippers are faster doesn’t mean they are better. High-speed clippers will cut through coats quickly but are less useful for precision work.  You may also find because of these high speeds these clippers require more maintenance.  Parts like the motors and blade drive may wear quicker in a high speed clipper.  Faster clippers will also run hotter and may dull blades faster.

Below we have rated some of our top selling clippers from the industry's top brands.  All our clippers have the Christies Direct stamp of approval but each model has different features so take the time to consider what is important to you so you can choose the model that may be better suited to you and your salon.

Heiniger Clipper

Best for Students - Heiniger Basic  - £267.95
Perfect for students, new groomers or groomers on a budget, the Heiniger Basic is a cordless clipper with 2 hour run time (1 hour to fully recharge). It is an extremely lightweight (440g) clipper with an ergonomic design to sit comfortably in your hand while grooming.  Heiniger clippers provide uncompromising quality alongside maximum performance and this model produces 2,600 spm per minute from a professional grade motor. It is also extremely quiet so great for nervous dogs.

This clipper comes with a charger with charging bay, a Heiniger No.10 standard blade as well as a care kit.

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Andis Clipper

Best Workhorse clipper -   - £289

Aesculap Fav 5 is the perfect example of excellence in German engineering and technical knowledge. Unlike the Favourita, this model takes all a5 snap on blades. It is a very smooth running 1-speed clipper.  It cuts exceptionally well on thick coated breeds and is a very dependeble hard working clipper so great for a busy salon.

This clipper comes with a #10 blade.

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Aesculap clipper

Best Budget Clipper - Wahl Max 45 - £124.99

This Wahl 2-speed clipper comes in at just £124.99!  It takes all A5 type snap-on blades and is a powerful but versatile clipper.  It is ergonomically designed and lightweight so is extremely comfortable in your hand. This is a low noise clipper so perfect for sensitive dogs, and better for groomer ears.    

This clipper comes with a 1.8mm #10 blade competition series blade, double-sided soft brush, cleaning brush and blade oil.  It is available in Black or a gorgeous limited edition bubblegum pink released for Wahl’s 100th anniversary.

WAHL Clipper

Best Mid Range clipper - Wahl KM10  - £199

The KM10 corded clipper is just £199.99.  It features brushless DC moto technology which means it has improved cutting power and a longer lifespan than non-brushless models.  This 2-speed clipper is extremely quiet (63dB) and has minimal vibration.  This along with it’s compact and lightweight design, and slip resistant grip means it is perfect for continuous use.  This clipper takes all A5 snap on blades

With clipper comes with an additional #10 Ultimate Competition Series blade, and clipper oil. 

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WAHL Clipper

Best All Round Clipper -  Andis AGC Super 2 Speed Clipper  - £149.95
The Super AGC 2 corded clippers take the features of the AGC-2 model and adds more speed allowing you to work faster and cut groom times. It runs at 3800 strokes per minute on the high speed and 3000 strokes per minute on the low speed. This durable brushless clip delivers maximum torque for tackling thicker coats would be suitable for everyone from beginner to pro.   

This clipper comes with an Andis CeramicEdge #10 blade and lubricant oil.

Andis Clipper

Best for Thick Coats - Heiniger Saphir  - From £289

This cordless clipper features a heavy-duty motor so it is perfect for all coat types and conditions and a great asset in a busy salon.  It takes all A5 snap on blades, is lightweight (440g) and its slimmer shape makes it easy to hold and use all day.  It comes with 2 batteries with 50 minutes run time each (45 mins to recharge) so allows for continuous grooming. 

This clipper comes with 2 batteries, Heiniger #10 blade

Best Backup Clipper -  Andis Excel +  - £169.95

This corded clipper has a top high speed of 3,800 spm so glides easily through all coat types.  It’s unique 'Quad-Force' blade drive technology gives for optimum power and performance, lasting twice as long as standard blade drives.  cutting strokes per minute to easily glide through all coat types, regardless of their state. It has a slim, easy to hold design with soft grip for comfortable use all day.

This clipper comes with #10 UltraEdge blade, additional drive level and blade oil. 


Andis Clipper

Best for Anxious Pets - Wahl KM5  - £139.99

The KM5 2-speed clipper benefits from a powerful, cool-running DC motor and runs at 3,000 or 3,500spm, resulting in powerful cutting. This clipper has minimal vibration and an ultra-quiet noise level of just 63dB making it perfect for using with anxious for sensitive pets.   It has a compact design and is lightweight with a slip resistant grip so it’s perfect for continuous use in a busy salon. 

This clipper comes with a #10 blade and clipper oil.

WAHL Clipper

Best Corded - Heiniger Saphir Corded  - £199

Heiniger has released the Heiniger Saphir corded version. This has all the great features of the Cordless plus a bit of extra power as it runs straight of the mains. This slim and comfortable to hold clipper takes all A5 snap on blades, has a cool running motor and is quiet enough for small nervous dogs but powerful enough for larger dogs and thicker coat types.

Comes with #10 blade and clipper oil.

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Heiniger Clipper

Best Cordless - Andis Pulse ZR II  - £299.95

The Andis Pulse ZR now comes with removable lithium-ion batteries to ensure you will never have to wait for the battery to be ready.  Green light on the clipper will show you when the battery is running low but it comes with 2 batteries so you will have continuous clipping.  .  Battery will have 3 hour run time (2 hours to hard).  The light on the blade will also show if you have a problem with your clipper blade, which is means you’ll not damage your driving lever or clipper.  The 5-speed clipper (running at 1,800 to 3,800 spm) offers you versatility as you groom, and give you the ability to adjusting for noise sensitive dogs, and coat type to ensure easy grooming and the perfect finish every time. 

Also Check out  Heiniger Saphir and

This clipper comes with two batteries, charger, blade drive, blade oil, adaptors and carry case




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