Why Every Dog Grooming Salon Needs Aesculap Clippers

Why Every Dog Grooming Salon Needs Aesculap Clippers
Why Every Dog Grooming Salon Needs Aesculap Clippers

why every salon needs Aesculap clippersWhy Every Dog Grooming Salon Needs Aesculap Clippers

Do you know which company invented the first-ever electrically operated hair clippers? Aesculap! Since creating this product in 1912, this premium brand has grown from strength to strength. That is over one hundred years in the industry – impressive. In this blog, we’re not only going to tell you all about this fantastic brand but also how you can make the most out of their products in your grooming salon by looking after them properly. 


As a premium brand in the dog grooming market, Aesculap are fully aware of the importance of a great quality clipper for their customers. Aesculap Clippers can be found in around 80% of professional dog grooming salons across the world. So, what is all the fuss about?  


Made in Germany, Aesculap clippers are manufactured using cutting-edge, computer-aided machinery making them extremely innovative. They are known for the extreme durability of their clippers and clipper blades.

How to look after your Aesculap Clipper Head 

Maintenance for the Unique Aesculap Favorita System: 

Care Guide for Favorita Clipper Heads:



Images from: https://www.aesculap-schermaschinen.de/en/products  


Images from: https://www.aesculap-schermaschinen.de/en/products


Images from: https://www.aesculap-schermaschinen.de/en/products


Images from: https://www.aesculap-schermaschinen.de/en/products Images from: https://www.aesculap-schermaschinen.de/en/products


Top tips:  

  • The spaces between the clipper teeth should also be given a thorough clean.
  • If using a disinfectant, the cutting head needs to be dried thoroughly to avoid corrosion.
  • The clipper heads must be oiled after cleaning.


  • The shearing blades should be oiled with the clipper head attached before each use.
  • You should oil the blade every 5-10 minutes during use. Add 3 drops of the special clipper oil on the teeth and 2 drops between the teeth. 
  • After doing this, before use, let the clipper run for a few minutes to allow the oil to distribute itself to ensure it is not transferred onto the dog’s coat. 

The importance of oiling: with proper blade maintenance, you can increase the durability of clipper heads by up to 20%! This can delay how often you will need to sharpen the blades.  


Now that you know how to maintain an Aesculap clipper blade, we’re going to tell you our favourites from the brand.  

Durati Clipper

This is by far the most popular choice of Aesculap clippers from Christies Direct customers. Not only is the performance of this clipper second to none, but it is also extremely aesthetic, making it a firm favourite in a lot of groomers’ salons.  


This cordless clipper is incredibly powerful whilst remaining lightweight which is a big bonus. The Durati is a one-speed clipper that runs at 3000 strokes per minute, tackling even the thickest of coats. With a quieter motor, this clipper is perfect for the more nervous dogs that may come into your salon. In the box, you will also get two lithium batteries and a charger meaning you will never have to go without power. This clipper offers a 3-hour running and recharging time.  


The Aesculap Durati clipper is compatible with all A5 snap-on blades and comes with an Aesculap no.10 blade.  


favorita 2 clipper

The Aesculap Favorita II is a lightweight, corded clipper that fits neatly in the hand. This clipper has been loved by groomers for over 20 years, known for its excellent performance and reliability. The great thing about this clipper is that it stays cool even after continuous use, which is perfect for long, busy days in the grooming salon.  


This clipper has a unique blade system that allows you to tighten the screw when you feel the blades under-performing. This means you won’t have to send the blades away for sharpening as often as you would with snap-on clipper blades, making this clipper extremely low maintenance. A bonus is that there is a huge range of Aesculap blades available, each with an individual tension adjustment.  


If you loved the sound of the Favorita II but can’t seem to part with snap-on blades, then the Aescualap Fav 5 is for you! This clipper is just as powerful and reliable as the Favorita II, the only difference is it is compatible with all A5 snap-on blades. This clipper was developed over three years with leading clipper technology! 


All the Aesculap clippers mentioned come with a 12-month warranty period, not that we think you’ll need it!  

We cannot recommend Aesculap enough. If you are looking for guaranteed quality and reliability, treat yourself and purchase an Aesculap clipper or trimmer. You won’t regret it!  

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