Heiniger - The Choice of Champion

Heiniger - The Choice of Champion
Heiniger - The Choice of Champion

Heiniger The Choice of Champions

Heiniger for dog grooming

Heiniger AG was founded in 1946 by Hermann Heiniger.  The company originally traded fruit and vegetables but in the 1960s began producing shearing devices for grooming animals, including large animals like cattle, sheep, and horses, as well as dogs. 

Heiniger has remained a family business over the years with a focus on precision and safety.  Their family values are very much reflected in their company culture and a large number of their highly skilled team have celebrated 35 years in service, after starting as apprentices with the company. 

Heiniger, which celebrates its 75th Anniversary this year, are world leaders in animal shearing, with their range constantly evolving to meet the customers’ needs.  Their exceptional range of high-quality clippers and trimmers feature world-class design and manufacturing technology. Designed with low noise levels and quality operator comfort, it is clear to see why Heiniger is a popular choice amongst groomers. With cord and cordless options to choose from and a range of blades, Heiniger is a reliable choice for groomers at any stage of their careers.

The Choice for Grooming Students and Startups

Heiniger Basic

The Choice for Students and Start-Up


Perfect for students, new groomers, or groomers on a budget, the Heiniger Basic is a cordless clipper with 2 hour run time (1 hour to fully recharge). It is an extremely lightweight (440g) clipper with an ergonomic design to sit comfortably in your hand while grooming. Heiniger clippers provide uncompromising quality alongside maximum performance and this model produces 2,600 spm from a professional grade motor. It is also extremely quiet, so it’s great for nervous dogs.

This clipper comes with a charging bay, a Heiniger No.10 standard blade as well as a care kit.

The Choice for Busy Salons

Heiniger Saphir

Heiniger Saphir

This magnificent clipper has been manufactured to the highest quality that you would expect from Heiniger. With both corded and cordless options and a range of designs, there is a Saphir suited to every style and preference. With a lightweight and slim grip handpiece, this clipper is perfect for a long, heavy-duty day in the salon. Clip all day long without charging with the corded version, or for those who prefer working without the cord, the cordless Saphir will have you grooming for 50-60 minutes with only a 45-minute charge. 

Available in corded , purple , pink , and blue , there is guaranteed to be a saphir to fit your salon's style.

The Choice for Thick Coats

Heiniger Opal

Heiniger Opal

The Heiniger Opal Cordless clipper launched in 2020 setting new standards with its cutting-edge ergonomic design that fits perfectly in the hand. This is an extremely quiet and lightweight 2-speed clipper but it also has impressive power.  With 3100 double strokes per minute in fast mode and 2600 in slow mode, this clipper works smoothly and quickly even through dirty and thick fur and hair. You can happily clip all day with the Opal as it has a 240-minute run time and will be fully recharged in just 1 hour.  You can monitor the remaining charge with the built-in indicator so you’ll never be left short doing a groom.

The Choice for Feet and Faces

Style Mini and Midi Trimmers

Heiniger Mini and Midi

The Heiniger Style Midi is a lightweight and quiet trimmer perfect for trimming a dog's head, legs, belly or tail area.  The trimmer is ergonomically shaped to be comfortable to hold, and it has a 100 min run time. It gives a precise cut and great finish, and the tilted head means it moves smoothly with the curve of the dog. It features a 46mm wide blade and takes snap-on combs (5 combs included). 

Mini has 30mm adjustable blades so it can cut a range of different short lengths.  The size makes it perfect for feet, faces and sanitary areas, particularly on small or toy breeds, groomers may normally scissor, but using this trimmer will cut grooming times of those areas. Its unique shape makes it comfortable to hold and gives a more precise cut.  It has an 80 min run time and will recharge in just 60 mins.  

Both trimmers are great for nervous dogs as they are not only low noise, but very low vibration.

A Choice Blades and Accessories

Heiniger Comb Guides and Blades


Both the Opal and Saphir take an A5 type snap-on blade, we also stock a range of Heiniger blades, finished with the same precision as their top-selling clippers.  Investing in quality clipper blades will ensure a great finish, and your blades will remain sharper for longer – as long as they are cleaned and oiled regularly. Heiniger blades are some of the best in the world and retain their edge for a long period of time. As well as a range of blades, Heiniger also offers a metal snap-on comb guide set, containing nine different lengths to easily attach to your clipper blade and achieve a perfect cut.



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