Show Tech + and the Purifying Power of Timaha Clay

Show Tech + and the Purifying Power of Timaha Clay
Show Tech + and the Purifying Power of Timaha Clay

Show Tech + Timaha Clay

The Purifying Power of Timaha Clay



With so much competition out there, it can be very important to find ways to make your salon stand out. One of the best ways is to offer unique treatments and extras that will appeal to potential customers. But what treatments are worth the investment? It can be very hard to know what is just a gimmick and what is actually a top-quality grooming product Show Tech + has engineered such a product with their new Timaha Clay Shampoo.


long hair dog with timaha clay


Clay, You Say?


Yes, that’s right you heard us correctly, a clay shampoo. Clay is actually well known for its purifying properties. It is great at detoxing the skin and leaving it fresh and rejuvenating. Dogs' skin and coats pick up all kinds of nasty things during their day-to-day, and they just like us, feel amazing after a nice cleanse.


timaha clay in glass cup


How Does That Even Work?


The deeply nourishing and restoring properties get deep into the coat and restore a strong, healthy, and natural structure, that will leave them with an incredible and long-lasting shine. The lovely fruit extracts will not only leave behind a fresh scent, but they also help moisturise and prevent or tackle damage to the coat. The clay is also known to help with skin irritations, reducing them by up to 50% if used regularly. Both the dogs coat and skin will certainly be saying thank you after this!


dog washed with timaha clay


How Do I Use It?


Show Tech + Recommend one of two methods to dilute the shampoo,


Take a mixing bottle and, using a funnel, add 3 tablespoons of the Timaha clay shampoo. Pour 1 litre of warm (!) water in the bottle over the shampoo using the same funnel, so that the shampoo and the water both end up in the mixing bottle. Shake well to create a uniform mixture. Subsequently, wash your dog’s coat and apply the shampoo with the help of the mixing bottle. 




Take a basin and put 1 litre of warm (!) water in it. Add 3 tablespoons of the shampoo. Mix properly using the spoon. Then wash your dog’s coat by immersing a foaming sponge in the basin. Apply the diluted shampoo with the help of the sponge, which will create a quick foam lather and thus save you time and energy.


You can then leave it on for around 5 minutes, and after getting everywhere rinse it off with water slightly above lukewarm.


If you have any difficulty this video explains the entire process,



Not only is this available now in both and 4.5L but it also pairs perfectly with the Show Tech+ Moisture Mask as a conditioner.

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