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In stock
  • Colour enhancing
  • High dilution rate 35:1
  • Suitable for all coat types
  • Removes stains with ease

Colour enhancing shampoo

Want to make your pet's hair wonderfully beautiful, deeply shiny and intensify every coat colour? That is a simple task for the Show Tech+ Brightening Shampoo!

Gorgeous, deep colours

Due to urine, dirt and other external factors (medical reasons, a litter of puppies etc.), dog hair can have a grubby appearance. Impurities are particularly noticeable in dogs with white coats. The hair then often has a yellowish or greyish shine. Wash your pooch with Show Tech+ Brightening Shampoo! This super-cleaning, colour-enhancing shampoo without harsh chemicals or bleaching ingredients gets rid of faded hair, leaving it clean and radiant. 


The Brightening Shampoo accentuates the coat's natural colours and makes them livelier. Dull hair becomes pure and rich again! This professional shampoo contains active ingredients that remove unwanted odours, reduce yellowing or staining, degrease and deep clean the coat. 


Thanks to its highly concentrated formula, it is very economical to use. What makes this shampoo so great is that it not only cleanses gently and safely, but also nourishes and detangles the hair. The Brightening Shampoo contains fatty acids from coconut oil that moisturise the coat and help prevent dry scalp, dandruff, hair breakage and split ends.

It is also enriched with fatty acids derived from rapeseed oil that repair dry and damaged hair, help remove hair knots and make the coat easier to comb.

In this professional shampoo, there is also a 100% natural aloe vera extract that moisturises, nourishes and repairs the hair. It helps regulate sebum secretion and reduce hair loss as well.


Show Tech+ Brightening Shampoo makes your pet's coat beautiful, shiny and healthy again. It foams richly and its wonderful powdery fragrance makes shampooing a very pleasant experience!

It's all in the details

  • Colour-enriching, richly foaming shampoo that thoroughly cleanses, degreases and moisturises
  • Helps reduce stains and a yellowish coat colour
  • With glycerine and fatty acids from coconut oil and rapeseed oil
  • Not only for white but also for other coat colours
  • Intensifies all coat colours
  • With a delicious fragrance of baby powder
  • Highly concentrated: dilution ratio of 1/35
  • Suitable for all coat types
  • Can be used on both dogs and cats


Use instructions

Always shake well and CERTAINLY dilute before use.


To dilute the shampoo, put 1 part shampoo and 35 parts warm water in a mixing bottle. Mix the shampoo well in the mixing bottle so that the active ingredients are sufficiently diluted and mingled with the water. Using shampoo that is not well diluted or purely concentrated can lead to a change in the coat’s colour(s)! (When used incorrectly, this can cause a grey-blue shine on light-coloured coats). 


You can use this shampoo on the first wash or the second. 


For best results, wash the hair regularly with Show Tech+ Brightening Shampoo and follow up with a hair mask or conditioner. Not sure about the correct use of this shampoo? Then please do not hesitate to contact us! Our grooming experts will be happy to advise you. 

This is not a colour shampoo.

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