Long lasting products for your salon

Long lasting products for your salon
Long lasting products for your salon

Celebrate the summer solstice with new longer-lasting products

This June is gearing up to be a truly scent-sational season! With six exciting new product releases from Groom Professional and Groom Professional Fresh. Not only have they expanded both their shampoo and cologne ranges but there’s also the first ever cologne range from Groom Professional Fresh. The longest day of the year, known as Summer Solstice falls on Tuesday, 21st June 2022, so we thought it was appropriate to give you some insight into some of these long-lasting scents that’ll leave a luscious lingering impact in your salon.

Peachberry Fizz Cologne and Pearlescent Shampoo with text

Groom Professional 30th Anniversary Products

Christies Direct is 30 this year, so we decided to release two amazing products that’ll help you celebrate with us.
The Groom Professional Peachberry Fizz Cologne will cause a real stir on the fur. This cologne truly has it all, smelling predominantly of peach, berries, bergamot, jasmine and rose. With understated notes of amber, patchouli, tonka, and vanilla to remind you of joyful nights of celebration. This sweet, floral cologne is the perfect way to kickstart summer celebrations in your salon, leaving your dog’s feeling like real VIP’s. (Very Important Pooches)

The Groom Professional Pearlescent Lemon Refresh Shampoo  adds a twist to one of our all-time classics. This zesty shampoo acts as a natural degreaser on the coat, to remove dirt and minimise odours. It adds a radiant shine to the coat through Vitamin C, which also promotes healthy hair growth. To top it off, this special limited edition shampoo comes in an intriguing pearlescent finish adding a new layer of fun to break up the day. Available in both 450ml and 4L, with a dilution rate of 10:1.

Groom Professional Fresh Colognes with text

Groom Professional Fresh Colognes

The Groom Professional Fresh Range has launched their all-new colognes, creating long-lasting scents with an intensity that’ll make you say… gosh that smells really good! These fresh and fruity scents are based on the success of their shampoo counterparts, meaning you can double-down on the fresh in just one groom! Each cologne comes in two sizes, 100ml and 400ml, and with each cologne being alcohol free it’s the perfect match for any dogs with sensitive skin. The Groom Professional Fresh range of colognes are available in 4 stunning scents, Cedar Mist, Blueberry Bloom, Dragon Fruit, and Sea Zest.

The Cedar Mist Cologne  is the perfect way to get a breath of fresh air in your salon. This cologne is designed to transport you to the forest floor, with fresh cedar bursting through the salon door. With every spray you’ll feel earthy and grounded, it’s the perfect accompaniment for any adventurous dogs in your salon, who enjoy the great outdoors.

If you’re looking for a bolder scent, our Dragon fruit cologne  will really bring the heat for you. This exotic aroma full of drama, creates a fruity, tropical experience that makes you feel like you’re in a faraway land. Daring, vivacious and sweet, this scent would match those dogs who have a more charismatic character.

If citrus by the sea sounds ideal for you, then Sea Zest cologne  is your answer! A vibrant cologne that smells refreshingly of freshly cut citrus, that’ll bring joy into your salons. This surf’s up cologne is best suited to the dogs in your salon with a chilled, SoCal attitude. Give them a spritz of this and add some Zippitty dee doo dah to their day!

Ending on a high note from the Groom Professional Fresh Range of Colognes is the bountiful

 This bursting-with-biotics scent has proven to be popular with many groomers, with an oh-so-likeable scent that just never disappoints. Smelling of sweet blueberries, this fab fruity fragrance is sure to be a favourite with your customers. Perfect for dogs with that sweet, lovable personality.


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