Leah Mayman : How I prepared for my first dog grooming show

Leah Mayman : How I prepared for my first dog grooming show
Leah Mayman : How I prepared for my first dog grooming show

Leah Mayman First show


Since joining Tiktok over a year ago, I have met a wide range of groomers, from those who have just begun to those who have been in the industry for decades. With this, I have gained traction on my own grooming career, spurred on by my ‘colleagues’. My ‘colleagues’ meaning the many other groomers world-wide that I’ve connected with over social media, whom I believe are just one salon with a very good distance between us.  


So, it was pitched to me by another tiktoker, a Welsh groomer called Naomi; who is most certainly a passionate and talented groomer, well versed in the world of competitions, that I was to join her in competing in ‘The Great British Groom Off’ and if you know me, I was most certainly going to say yes.  


Leah Mayman and Ivy


I was going to use my 10 month old Shihtzu, Ivy. A first time for the both of us. The night before at 9pm, I had prepped her in the DezynaDog Intensive Nourishing Shampoo and followed up with the Simply Sleek Conditioner . I’ve found this combination to be perfect for her drop coat and kept static a bay as I worked on her coat. Pads and hygiene trimmed, top knot wrapped up. Then it was home to bed ready for the 4am start, including a 3 and a half hour drive down to Stoneleigh where the Kennel Club building is.  


leah mayman great British groom off


On arrival, I promptly ran to the nearest toilet, nerves were most certainly getting the better of me. I had never been to such an event, never mind participate. Once in, my brother Daniel calmed me whilst, a grooming friend of mine, Holly helped cart in the equipment. We had brought a Groom Professional Ring Side Table , perfect for Ivy and me to work on and a trolley full of everything I’d need. It wasn’t long till I was set up and the clock started to tick, 2 hours of grooming with a 10 minute break in between. Was I ready? I wasn’t sure, but I was going to do it anyway! 


leah mayman great british groom off


After 10 minutes me and Ivy had found our groove, the atmosphere was far more relaxed than I anticipated and the world was blocked out, I was in the zone. At one point, I did look up as I looked for some and there they were, the smiling faces of some of my colleagues who’d made the trip to cheer me on. My heart was glowing, and I was thriving. Ivy sat like an angel, for only 10 months old I was beaming with pride. And just like that 2 hours were gone, and I was proud of the outcome. I had loved every minute of focusing on my dog and doing what I love best. 


leah mayman great British groom off


We waited for judging and got some amazing feedback. We didn’t place, but I had won, it was an experience that I will never forget. It was even commented that I had done her face perfectly, though my legs could do with some more work. I couldn’t thank everyone supporting me enough, it was amazing. I do believe I now have ‘the bug’. So, I’m sure you’ll be seeing us again in the ring. 


leah mayman and ivy


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