Top Picks for New Dog Show Competitors

Top Picks for New Dog Show Competitors
Top Picks for New Dog Show Competitors

top products for new show dog competitors on plynths


Heading to your first dog show can be a nerve-wracking experience for any groomer. The best advice for a first show is to always enjoy yourself and take in the experience. You might make mistakes but that’s fine, you’ll learn from them for future shows. To help you focus on the important bits, you will need to prepare well and be ready with everything you will need before the show.


Whilst there are a handful of brands recognised as industry standouts for dog shows which a beginner could simply purchase all of their equipment from, but this may not be cost-effective for starting out. Instead, we’ve gathered some recommendations for those starting out, which still include established and trusted brands.


The First thing you’ll need to prepare is a shampoo and conditioner to use on your dog before the show. The wash you do before a show is very important as you want the coat to be in an ideal condition for grooming as you will have limited time to work with it.


dezynadog intensive nourishing shampoo and natures specialties almond crisp


DezynaDog Intensive Nourishing Shampoo is designed to be an ideal choice for professional grooming. It effortlessly cleans while preserving, brightening, and revitalising the coat. Alternatively, we would also recommend Nature’s Specialties Almond Crisp shampoo. It works particularly well on Poodles, Schnauzers, or Terriers and will give texture and volume without drying the skin. If you’re interested in what other shampoos are available, we have the perfect blog to help here.


simply sleek and thick n thicker conditioner


Now that you have a shampoo you will need to pair it with a conditioner. Simply Sleek Conditioner is a great choice for shows. Its special formulation will keep long-flowing coats looking glamorous, whilst moisturising the coat to create a healthy glow. Chris Christensen is also a go-to show brand and their Thick N Thicker Conditioner is a great choice. It leaves the coat nice and light for show grooming but will still transform a limp and lifeless coat into a lush and thick one, all without the use of chemicals.


groom professional show table


One thing a lot of new show competitors forget is that many shows require you to bring your own table. This needs to be a table you are comfortable working on, but that can reasonably be transported to and from a show. The Groom Professional Ringside Table is fantastic for this, as a smaller easier to transport but still top-quality table.


groom professional scissor spritzer


You will most likely want to stick to the scissors you know and love, but if you would like to invest in a new pair, we have a full blog of recommendations for different needs here. What you can’t forget is some Groom Professional Scissor Spritzer . This will reduce static, leave the hair easier scissored, as well as helping the comb glide easily through the coat. Scissor Spritzer also holds and adds volume to the coat without making it sticky or leaving any residue.


dezynadog ember comb and amazing trix spray


Next up you will want show-ready tools to see you through the competition. Dezynadog Ember Combs are a fantastic choice as a comb that will glide through the coat effortlessly but remain sturdy throughout extensive use. It pairs great with the Dezynadog Amazing Trix Grooming Spray which helps increase coat manageability and control during this process.



Your need for tools can vary depending on breed and style but we would recommend the Dezynadog Detangling Brush and Groom Professional Curved Firm Slickers as fantastic choices.


bands and bows


One final note is not to forget all the little finishing pieces for your groom. We have an entire Creative section which includes Bands and Bows. Whilst at some shows these can be bought on the day it will save you a lot of time bringing your own and planning ahead of time!



We hope this list has helped any new dog show competitors prepare and feel more ready for their first competition. The products we mentioned will all serve you well. Who knows, we might even be seeing you at Crufts soon enough!

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