Groom Professional – Redefining the Industry Standard

Groom Professional – Redefining the Industry Standard
Groom Professional – Redefining the Industry Standard

From Ballymoney to Bahrain, Groom Professional has been the industry standard for dog grooming products around the globe. Driven by innovation, Groom Professional's close relationship to their customers has always been at the forefront of the brand, listening to their customers' needs to bring the newest and best products to the market.

In the Beginning

Colin Christie, owner of Groom Professional, made his start in large cattle and farm animal grooming. After gaining widespread success in this market, he turned his attentions to pets, creating Groom Professional in 2005, aiming to cover the needs of any grooming salon across the world. Starting from just 8 shampoos, the brand has expanded to countries across the globe, whilst still retaining the heart of the brand - to provide excellence in all grooming salons. Nothing but the best is accepted with Groom Professional, who always ensure that they follow these standards:

- Ensuring the welfare of both pets and groomers has always been a top priority. No product leaves the Groom Professional warehouse without extensive testing making sure that all wet products are made to EU Human Cosmetic Standards.

- No product is released unless it provides excellent value. Groom Professional refuses to produce lacklustre products no matter the cost. They know that customers value quality and place these needs before anything else.


Launched With a Bold Identity

Since its launch, it's clear the rest of the world agrees with these aims. The Groom Professional black bottle and bold colour look is a recognisable brand across 42 countries. This success brought the necessity to grow. Opening the Agivey site allowed for Groom Professional to not only expand their production ability, but also create jobs and opportunities in Ballymoney.
From starting with just 8 types of shampoo to developing an entire range of shampoo for every need, there was now a need to further grow to meet demand. The Agivey site was upgraded with new machinery in 2021 which allowed Groom Professional to continue placing itself at the cutting edge of technology, increasing its manufacturing ability and moving into the future.

Their continued development of shampoos has led to best sellers such as Bright White, which enhances the white tones in a dog’s coat, to release a beautiful glow to any light-coloured dog. Other fan favourites include the Dirty Dogs Shampoo, a great all-rounder for any salon that cuts through dirt and grease to leave a perfectly clean coat, as well as Baby Fresh Shampoo that offers a deep cleansing but gentle formula. This is perfect for puppies or young dogs and, to add, it has a long-lasting Baby Powder scent that customers love.


Maintaining a High Standard

One of Groom Professionals most innovative products is the Fast-dri Spray. Tried and tested by groomers across the world it has quickly become an industry standard and essential in many salons. This revolutionary product reduces your drying time by half, allowing you more time to groom!

By testing the limits of modern technology Groom Professional always keeps ahead of the curve. Nothing shows this better than the Blo i900 Dryer . The variable power and temperature settings allow for a more tailored dry, giving you ultimate control over how each dog's coat turns out. Not only technologically savvy, this contemporary piece of kit is also encased in a sturdy, yet sleek design that'll suit any salon.

Another staple in any grooming salon are the iconic blue tools from Groom Professional. These tools provide the reliablity needed for daily use in any salon, alongside a top quality finish, all for an affordable cost.

Continuing to provide high quality pet grooming products and be at the forefront of creativity and innovation within the industry. No matter the product, you can guarantee it will mean customer satisfaction and continued growth.

With ranges in nearly every aspect of dog grooming, from shampoo and conditioner, to coat rakes and scissors, the Groom Professional range is too large to fully showcase in one place. If you would like to check out our full range of Groom Professional products, you can here.


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