Investing In Your Tools - Where Not to Cut Costs

Investing In Your Tools - Where Not to Cut Costs
Investing In Your Tools - Where Not to Cut Costs

If you are shopping with Christies Direct you want to purchase a great product, not something that will ‘just get the job done’.  We supply salon equipment and products to groomers worldwide so you can rest assured that the grooming supplies you are purchasing are the best tools in the industry.

Our brands are world leaders, continually investing in the development of their products, and as you continue on your grooming journey, we want to help you invest in the right tools to ensure continuing excellent results and repeat business.


Arguably the most important tool for a groomer. Cheap scissors will be uncomfortable, can become loose and will blunt easily.  The better-quality scissors will be made from a robust steel which means they won’t need sharpened so frequently and they will also have a longer lifespan. 

Different levels of scissors will suit different stages in your grooming career or different situations.  For example  - Level 1 Scissors are great for start-up groomers and students while Level 2 Scissors are a great work-horse scissor for everyday professional grooming and a great next step as you gain experience. Level 3 Scissors are fantastic for professionals who take scissoring seriously and will last several years with the right sharpening and training.  Level 4 Scissors and Level 5 Scissors are a fantastic fit for the experienced groomer who wants an immaculate finish.  These are great for competitions, but not so great for ultra-matted coats or difficult dogs.

Taking care of your scissors will elongate their lifespan – make sure they are regularly cleaned, oiled and dried.  Scissors should be regularly disinfected, even more so in our current climate, with a rubbing alcohol or a UV Sterilizer.



It’s not only important to select the best clipper for your salon but also to ensure the clipper is maintained and cleaned regularly.  People have different qualities or features they want in a clipper so consider those when shopping for yours.  For example, brushless clippers like the Andis UltraEdge AGC 2-Speed Clipper will have a longer battery life and will not get as warm while grooming. Being brushless also means one less part to service and replace. This particular clipper also comes with a ceramic #10 blade.  Ceramic blades run cooler and will also give a smoother cut. 

Cordless clippers tend to be more expensive but give you freedom of movement and you’ll avoid any potential power and cord issues.  The Heiniger Saphir comes with 2 replaceable batteries which recharge in just 45 minutes so you can groom while your spare battery charges.  Corded clippers on the other hand will have continuous power, but it’s very important to store them correctly to avoid lead damage  (Cords are not covered under manufacturer warranty). Corded clippers may work well for your salon.

The right clipper can cut grooming time and will not need replaced as frequently. The quality of the clipper blade and how well you care for them will also play a massive part in performance and lifespan.  Groom Professional Pro-X blades undergo a special hardening process so they are incredibly durable and offer excellent results.  They come in both steel and ceramic.



When it comes to efficiency, cost savings, and getting the most out of your products, the Ecomix is a fantastic example of a worthwhile investment. This new product from Groom Professional, is a non-electrical piece of equipment which works with your water pressure to accurately dilute your salon shampoos.  The Ecomix which operates on a wash or rinse function, holds 4 different shampoos or conditioners and you can set an individual dilution rate for each.  This Ecomix will not only save you time and help reduce the amount of wasted product, but it will also help those that struggle with dilution rates. 

Grooming table

Investing in the correct grooming table is important as this is a piece of equipment you’ll use a lot - everyday.  Making the wrong choice could lead to back problems if the height is not suitable, anxious dogs if the table is not sturdy or having to purchase additional tables if it doesn’t suit all sizes of dog. 

A great choice of table will be easy to access for dogs of all mobility levels.  Something like the Groom Professional Kilimanjaro table comes down to 25cm off the ground, so it’s really easy for elderly or less mobile dogs to get on to.  Having a table that is adjustable in height means it will suit different groomers if you share your workstation in a busy salon, but will also ensure that smaller dogs can be lifted higher to make grooming easier.  Electric tables are operated by pushing a button, whereas hydraulic tables use the physical body as leverage. The decision to choose one table over the other is a personal one.

Selecting a sturdy well-made table with an anti-slip top will help anxious dogs feel more confident during grooming.  This will limit nervous behaviours which could lengthen grooming time. Having a sturdy and height adjustable holding frame will also help dogs feel more relaxed on the grooming table and allow you to adjust for all sized dogs. 

Make sure you have a table you can rely and depend on. Investing in the best quality table as a new groomer will provide you with a work station that will last you a long time and one that you will enjoy working at. 



When starting out if you select a top-quality bath made of a high-grade stainless steel it will last you a lifetime.  When selecting a bath it’s important to consider the size of your salon, as well as the size of the dogs you want to groom.  Choose an appropriately sized bath which will accommodate all your different clients and have easy access for dogs of all mobility levels. Bathing stations which can be raised are fantastic to help avoid posture issues, back pain, and can also help when bathing smaller dogs.  Baths with a holding bar and secure flooring will help dogs feel more confident and relaxed while bathing



Selecting a top-quality dryer will help you groom more dogs in less time.  Durability is important, as you don’t want to be re-purchasing, so consider selecting a model with a stainless steel casing which will stand up to any bumps or knocks it might get while in use. The better-quality models will also have heavy duty hoses and dryer nozzles.  Air pressure and heat can crack the cheaper low-quality nozzles.  Stand dryers are great as they can be moved around a salon and are easy to store, while dryers with a variable speed setting allow you the best flexibility to cater for the different coat types and levels of anxiety of those dogs that visit your salon. 

There are 3 different types of dryers you can invest in: a Blaster, a Finishing dryer and a Combination Blaster Dryer. 

Blasters are multiuse.  Their high velocity means water is blown from the coat which helps cut down drying time.  They can also help with straightening, de-shedding and removal of loose undercoat.  Dual motor models will generally have a higher velocity and will drastically reduce drying time.


Finishing dryers blow warm air and are usually mounted on a stand or on the wall.  These are much quieter than a blaster, so they’re perfect for nervous dogs.  They are a great option for styling and adding fluff to the dog’s coat


Combination Dryers are a popular choice for start-up groomers and work really well in busy salons.  They give the heat of a finishing dryer but with the option of power for blasting and are also ideal as a back-up in your salon.