Blogs of 2021 – Best Bits

Blogs of 2021 – Best Bits
Blogs of 2021 – Best Bits

2021 Blog Best BIts

2021 at Christies Direct

What a year! We can’t believe 2021 is coming to an end already, but what a year it has been for Christies Direct. Despite all the challenges caused by the pandemic, we finally started to see some sort of normality returning, with the return of in-person shows which we are thrilled about, and we can’t wait to hopefully see a lot more of our customers in the new year.

A lot of our blogs this year were written by our fantastic brand ambassador, Kayla Harrison and we’d just like to say a huge ‘Thank-you’ to her. She loved sharing the tips and tricks she’s learned over the years as a professional dog groomer, and we’ve LOVED reading them!

Find out which blog was Kayla’s favourite from 2021.

What better way to end the year than a blog about all of the fabulous blogs written in 2021. We asked Christies Direct staff what their favourite blog from 2021 was and why. This is what they said:


The 10 Best Dog Grooming Clippers for 2022

“I vote Top 10 Clippers Blog by 'Product Pete'. Why? As Product Pete knows his products and would not pull the wool over my eyes and sell me a bad clipper. Also, very inciteful as to who the clipper is best suited for and the benefits of the clipper. A lot of time and research went into the top 10. – Chris in E-Commerce.

top 10 dog grooming clippers

“Searching for your next clipper? Check out our top 10 best clippers that you should know about for 2022.”Read More


Supaw League Blogs

“I really enjoyed the series of Supaw League blogs, just because they were a bit of fun!” – Jenny in Marketing

su-paw league

“Champions League? Forget it. World Cup? Don’t need it! We have your new football fix- the SUPAW LEAGUE!”Read More


Kayla Harrison: Looking After Your Mental Health Blog

“I enjoyed Kayla's Mental Health blog for groomers. It was a great insight into their lives and how they cope with their demanding job. I hope that it helped other groomers who might struggle and seen themselves in that blog” – Patricia in Sales & Customer Care.

looking after your mental health

“Join Kayla and her grooming friends as they discuss the importance of looking after your mental health as a groomer.”Read More


The Benefits Of Offering Mud Spa Treatments In Your Dog Salon

“My favourite was the blog about Dog Spa Packages. I learned a lot from it because I didn’t realise this was even an option for dogs! I loved how it went through all the benefits of offering these services in your grooming salon and I hope it gave groomers an insight into why they should offer them as an additional add-on in their salon!” – Lucie in Marketing.

mud spa treatments for dogs

 Learn why you should offer canine mud spa treatments in your salon. This blog outlines the many benefits of providing these services to your furry clients! Kayla also shares her recommendations for spa packages using Madra Mor products.”Read More


Kayla's Work Smarter Not Harder Blog

“This blog was full of some really great business tips as well as product recommendations that will help groomers of all experience levels within their salon!” - Nakina in Brand Development.

top tips on running a dog grooming salon

“Kayla Harrison shares her tips for Running a Busy Salon, from must-have products to techniques and a tips to avoid burnout - this is a must read.”Read More


Dogust Blog

“I think the Dogust one has to be my favourite - as a rescue doggo owner myself, it's a topic very close to my heart, and it was lovely to read a little more about one of our chosen charities - as well as seeing how many fellow staff members had a pupper with a backstory!”– Amber in Sales & Customer Care.

Happy Dogust

If you don’t know what Dogust is, it’s the unofficial birthday for all sheltered dogs whose birthdays are unknown.’ Read More


Groomiversity – My Journey to Becoming a Professional Groomer

“I enjoyed sharing my journey to becoming a professional groomer and my advice for those starting out in the industry and opening their own salons.  I hope this blog post was helpful for trainee groomers, but I’m always happy to answer questions and help other groomers out.” – Kayla Harrison.

How I started out as a dog groomer

I knew I wanted to work with animals since the day I could even walk.Read More


And that’s a wrap for 2021. We can’t wait to bring you many more informative and fun blogs in 2022! Let us know what your favourite was and what you would like to see from us in 2022.

From all of us here at Christies Direct, we hope you have a fantastic new year! We will see you in January.