It's Supaw League Time

It's Supaw League Time
It's Supaw League Time

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Su-Paw League

Champions League? Forget it. World Cup? Don’t need it! We have your new football fix- the Supaw League. 

In celebration of the much-loved UEFA Euro Championships, we are hosting our own tournament to see which dog really comes out on top. Yes, we are going to determine which breed is the Messi of the dog world, in an unmissable knock-out tournament. Over the next six weeks, dogs will compete and be defeated until we finally have our champion. 


So, who will be competing?  

Week 1 knockout Round

Well, our first match is the battle of the cuties. We have the mischievous Pug from China vs the determined Jack Russell from England. This will be a match of chaos, tiny paws, and fun. We know that the Jack Russell will have a laser focus on the game, but with the wild Pug playing, who knows what tricks they’ll pull out of the bag.  

Next up we have the Shih Tzu from China vs the French Bulldog from, well, France. They may be small, but this match will definitely be mighty with the Shih Tzu’s cool demeanour allowing them to stay calm in the frenzy against the French Bulldog’s agility that keeps their dribbling skills at the top of the pack. 

Our third match of the week is between two of the most beloved breeds on the planet, the Labrador which hails from Canada vs the Poodle which comes from Germany. The Labrador is everyone’s best friend and surely a favourite to win during this tournament? But don’t be fooled by the fashionable Poodle, who is more than just a dog of style, but also a dog of substance. 

Our final match of week one is the ultimate battle of the Brits. It’s the Cocker Spaniel vs the Bulldog, which both hail from England. Both breeds will be battling it out to see who becomes the pride of Britain. Both breeds are very similar in temperament, so it will be interesting to see if the speedy Spaniel will reign supreme over the Bulldog’s impressive dribbling skills.  

Week 2 Knockout Round 

Our first match in week 2 is the battle of the big boys. The mighty German Shepard from Germany vs the intelligent Golden Retriever from Scotland. Both breeds are extremely bright, with power and strength to match so no doubt, this will be a tight match.  

Match six will be the battle of two western powerhouses, we have the Cockapoo from the USA vs the Border Collie from England. Although small in size, the Cockapoo has an energy that knows no bounds, and the Collie has the energy to match. Who will run out of stamina first? We’ll find out in this exciting match.

Our next match is possibly the smallest group we have, however, don’t underestimate the agility in these tiny paws. We have the Dachshund from Germany vs the Yorkshire Terrier from England. Each breed is bringing its own unique skills to the table, with the Yorkie’s protective nature, we can no doubt expect a great defence. However, translated from German, the Dachshund means “Badger Dog”, so we can definitely expect a fight for the trophy. 

Our final match of week 2 will be the Spanish vs the Scottish. Yes, we have the Bichon Frise vs the Westie. The Bichon Frise was originally popular amongst sailors, so will they sail away with the Championship? Or will the hard-working Westie clear the competition out with its scrappy, independent nature? 

Each dog will be sharing the pre-match products that help them stay in top condition for each game and our semi-final and final winners will be talking through these in more detail during their post-match interviews.  

Dog on football

When and how can you follow the tournament? 

Our Supaw League starts today, with our first match update on the 8th of June.  

You can keep up to date with all of the latest match announcements on our Facebook and Instagram. We will be posting weekly roundups via Instagram Stories to make sure you don’t miss a single match.  

Also, tune into our post-match interviews with our semi-finals and final winners from the 18th of June.  


How can you get involved?  

Show us your dog’s skills. We may be out to find the best breed with the Supaw League, but we also want to find the Top Scorer amongst our followers. So, if you have a dog with a passion for football. Make sure you send us a video of them doing what they do best- playing football! Our top picks will make it onto our social feeds, so make sure you get your dog involved!  

Check for tournament updates

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