The Benefits of Offering Mud Spa Treatments in your Dog Salon

The Benefits of Offering Mud Spa Treatments in your Dog Salon
The Benefits of Offering Mud Spa Treatments in your Dog Salon

Dog with mud spa treatments

Dog salon mud spa treatments

Mud Spa Treatments to pet owners can seem like a gimmick product. However, each treatment can offer your salon and your dogs’ so much more. Formulated to rejuvenate, cleanse, and protect every dog that comes into your salons, these treatments are the perfect addition to any salon, offering both benefits to your dogs and opportunities to expand and bank off additional services in your salons. 


Grow your dog grooming services

With any pet grooming business, standing out from your competitors is key. Whether you specialise in a certain breed type or offer more holistic approaches to grooming, having that distinction between you and the other groomers in your area can be the difference between a fully booked day and not. 

Mud Spa Treatments are a great opportunity for you to offer something different. At Christies Direct, we offer eight different mud spa treatments from Madra Mor, meaning you have eight more opportunities to expand your professional grooming services. 


Daschaund having spa treatment

Dog Spa Packages 

Spa Packages are a great way to entice your customers to go for something extra and offer a bit of luxury to every groom. Madra Mor says that you can “earn a minimum of 20% more per groom” when you use Mud Spa Treatments. In a recent survey with Madra Mor Clients, most offer packages using their products. A Shed Package (using the Madra Mor Shed Safely Mud), A Senior Package (using the Madra Mor Green Mud) and a Skin Calming Package (using the Madra Mor Soothing mud) are just a few you could use. Using these coat care packages, their clients earn from 20% to 50% extra per groom!


Whether you already have existing Spa Packages or are looking for that next idea to improve your salons, using products such as Madra Mor Canine Mud Treatments are a sure-fire way to treat the pooches in your salons. As professional groomers, you know that your clients’ owners absolutely adore all their furry friends, and so offering them a beneficial treatment that will make their little ones look and feel amazing is the best way to make extra income easy. 

mud treatments

Why use Canine Mud Treatments?

  1. They have amazing skin benefits.

As mentioned above, each Mud Spa Treatment that Madra Mor makes rejuvenates, cleanses, and protects your client’s skin and health. The first line of defence with every dog is its skin and therefore, it needs to be protected. Most issues arise when the skin barrier is damaged, which allows pollutants, bacteria, yeast etc, to penetrate that barrier, leaving our furry friends unwell. 

In fact, the most common skin conditions in canines, are caused by having dry, flaky skin. That’s why all Madra Mor’s products aim to moisturise the skin and coat, preventing damage to the skin. 

Madra Mor says “We have blended the finest, medicinal clays, that absorb (impurities, smells, toxins) & adsorb (nourish with vital minerals) with soothing aloe vera, and hydrating omega oils. Madra Mor mud supplies essential minerals that detoxify the skin by exchanging themselves for undesirable smells, impurities, and toxins that create problem skin with vital minerals and hydrating omega oils. Skin shed tens of thousands of dead cells a minute. Dead cells trap dirt, sebum, & impurities that encourage bacteria and dermatitis conditions.”

Some of the standout stars for skin health from Madra Mor are The Soothing mud, The Fortifying Mud, The Coconut Mud, The Mango Mud, and the Scrubbing Mud. 

The Soothing Mud uses high concentrations of Colloidal Oatmeal and hydrating ingredients such as Aloe Vera Powder, Borage Oil, Vitamin E and Zinc to soothe the skin. This reduces itchy and irritated skin, promote healthy cell regeneration, and adds moisture to the skin as well. 

The Fortifying Mud is also a great option for skin health, as it is loaded with antiseptic and anti-fungal ingredients, fortifying the skin to provide natural flea, parasite, and yeast relief. 

The Madra Mor Coconut Mud Pouch is a robust nourishing skin treatment, that contains lipids from dehydrated coconut milk and coconut oil, as well as minerals from clay and dead sea mud, which act as an all-round nourishing skin treatment.

The Mango Mud is another skin wellness treatment that tackles nourishment, helping to keep the skin clean and hydrated using Vitamins A, C and E. 

The Scrubbing Suds Mud acts as a hygienic skin treatment. The Scrubbing suds are designed to clean whilst also nourishing their coat, preventing damage to the coat. In addition to the clays, sodium bicarbonate, and lemon all great cleansing ingredients with positive side effects, this treatment is mixed with decyl glucoside. Decyl Glucoside is a gentle surfactant, perfect for cleaning babies and dogs with their thin, delicate skin.


  1. They have beneficial coat and health properties.

Each Madra Mor Mud treatment also contains nourishing ingredients that improve coat health ensuring that each of your clients not only feel amazing but look amazing too! The muds also further improve the dog’s overall health, targeting specific health issues and atrisk dogs to give them the health boost that they need. 

These Canine Mud Treatments contain high levels of Silica, which are a major building block in forming collagen, which helps to lubricate your clients’ muscles and joints. It also contains Magnesium, which stimulates cell regeneration, supports cell energy, immunity and it has anti-allergy effects. To further enhance Madra Mor’s Mud Capabilities, it has Zinc, which also helps to fight off bacteria and viruses. 

In terms of general and coat health, the Green Mud, Mobility Mud and Shed Safely are all winners. 

The Green Mud is an amazing all-round health boost, that’s particularly suited to ageing dogs or dogs with weaker immune systems. It acts as a protector against the element, pollutants, and allergies to name a few. Packed with a high amount of nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, and lipids, it helps to strengthen the dog’s skin and health to protect against daily life. 

The Mobility Mud is a refresher that aids in movement and joint pain. Containing menthol and peppermint that help to cool the dog down, making movement much easier. It targets tight, sore, and inflamed muscles to relieve your clients of any minor pains and aches they may have. 

The Shed Safely Mud is the ultimate treatment for removing any loose undercoat! It contains hydrating oils and B Vitamins to prevent excessive shedding and unclog hair follicles. This works wonders on thick, heavy coats offering relief and hydration. 


  1. They will calm and relax your dogs

As a dog groomer, your number one job is to ensure that each dog is happy and healthy, we’ve covered how the Madra Mor Muds can benefit your dog’s health, but what about their happiness?

The soothing nature of a mud bath comes from a dog’s instinct. Most dogs love to play in the mud and often get told off for doing so. By using mud treatments, it’s a more relaxing and natural experience for the animal. 

On top of that, Madra Mor have tutorials on how to do canine massages along with their muds here:


This added sense of relaxation with the muds and massage combined will ease your dog’s stress, especially for those nervous or anxious dogs in your salon, providing relief for them.


How to offer these grooming products to your clients 

So, now that you know the benefits of offering a spa package in your salon, let’s look at the best ways you can offer these. 


Madra Mor says that when approaching your customers about additional spa services, you should think of it as add on and look to other industries to see how they do it. For example, wax with a car wash, dessert with dinner and fertilizer with a lawn service, so if they do it, why shouldn’t you? You could introduce spa treatments to your customers by offering them a bath and mud massage at a discounted price or you could simply ask if your clients want a mud bath instead of a normal bath, this way, you are gently introducing them to the idea of spa packages, without making them commit fully. Then, after their dog looks and feels amazing, you can approach your customer with a full spa package that they will love.

Madra Mor said that “In America, there are salons that request us to ship automatically monthly and others that buy a lot of products routinely. When inquiring how those salons are successful with the product and other extras, successful salons seem to offer basic bath, grooming essentials, and then either a-la-carte or spa packages. “

Kayla's recommendations

Building the perfect spa package

So, you know the benefits and you know how to approach your customers with spa packages, now for putting those packages together! Typically, in spa packages, the key things to offer are a relaxing mud bath, a facial and face massage, teeth clean and a blowdry. 

Madra Mor has put together some spa package combinations to make sure your clients get the best spa package suited to them:


Standard Packages

Shed Package – Using the Shed Safely Mud

Kayla says: "I LOVE this product it is by far one of my favourites, it’s the most popular spa package and our double coated customers really notice the difference when they have this particular add-on. It smells incredible and when rubbed into the skin the vitamins, minerals,and high omega 3 levels helps unblock hair follicles and releases undercoat that is stuck so it not only gets out the hair that is ready to shed but also any that is nearly ready or being held in with blocked follicles. We get handfuls of hair out in the bath with this product, and it leaves a nice smell and beautiful finish on all those tricky double coats."

Calming Package – Using the Soothing Mud


Specialised Packages

Senior Package – Using the Green or Coconut Mud and the Mobility Mud

Kayla says: "The Green Mud pouchis an amazing product for older dogs or those with weaker immune systems it is packed with not only antioxidants and nutrients but also lipids that really do improve the strength of the skin and coat. I really enjoyed using this on an elderly shih tzu andthe coat and skin after felt purified and smelt amazing. I found it easy to scissor and loved the fact that the mud gets rid of pollutants and elements."

Weekend Warrior Package – Using the Mobility Mud along with your favourite mud

Healthy Skin Package – Using the Fortifying, Green and Mango Mud

Puppy Package- Using the Mango Mud

Kayla says: "This product smells incredible and the smell lasts all day in the salon when we have used the mango mud. The mud is packed with antioxidants and nutrients which are amazing for coats that lack that oomph and also for elderly dogs with a dry coat. It leaves the coat nourished and hydrated and I also like that it leaves the coat light and clean which is really good for scissoring."

Dirty Dog – Using the Scrubbing Suds

Dry Skin Makeover – Using the Coconut, Fortifying, Green, Mango and Shed Safely Mud Stinky Dog Package – Fortifying and Scrubbing Suds

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