History of Groom Professional

History of Groom Professional
History of Groom Professional

A History of Groom Professional

Groom Professional

Groom Professional is Europe’s fastest-growing pet grooming brand.  The distinctive black bottles are now essentials in grooming salons worldwide and the range has grown and developed since its conception.

In the beginning

Groom Professional was developed on the Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland and launched in 2009.  The goal was to combine a high level of quality, value for money, innovative packaging and attention to detail that was not currently available in the animal grooming industry.

Since then, Groom Professional has been sold to over 55 countries, including Mauritius and French Polynesia, has appeared at trade shows and grooming events in America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the UK, and currently has a range of over 800 product lines.

Back in 2009, the Christies Direct catalogue featured many Groom Professional products which are still favourites today.  Groom Professional products quickly became salon essentials as they were reliable and affordable and received rave reviews. The brand logo and the products have had a new look since then, but the quality and functionality of the products is still the same high quality. 

Groom Professional Exclusive


I use Wondercoat on all types of coats. It not only smells fresh but is excellent at getting out matts. I have recommended it to a lot of customers to use between grooms. Wouldn't be without itHair of the Dog Flimwell, UK

Our blue and black tools are now instantly recognisable in salons, but did you know they used to be blue and turquoise?

2009/2020 tool comparison

One of the cheapest and most effective tools in my grooming room. Easily splits big matts into little ones to brush out more easily.Anonymous UK

As well as your core salon items there have been a number of limited-edition products and new releases over the years.  Here are just a few of those new releases.

evolution of groom professional products

Some of our limited-edition products have been so popular they have become a part of our core range such as our seasonal colognes.

Groom Professional Christmas Colognes Groom Professional Candyheart Colognes Groom Professional Irish Clover Colognes Groom Professional Halloween Colognes

The brand has also featured sub-brands such as:

Petcare – Products to make groomer life easier, while increasing salon efficiency. Featuring oral, ear, and eye care products.  

Groom Professional Exclusive  - Launched in 2016 these luxury classic scented colognes and shampoos are reminiscent of some of the finest fragrances on the market.

Pet Care Flea and Tick Laundry WashGroom Professional Pet Therapy Colognes



Our focus is always on providing solutions to groomers’ problems, and as the Groom Professional brand has grown, we have introduced some new product categories as well as new products.  In 2019 we launch the Groom Professional Ecomix as a way to not only help our groomers save time and money, but also to help those who struggled with dilution rates.  Our Groom Professional shampoos and conditioners all have economical dilution rates.  When it comes to efficiency and getting the most out of your products, the  is a fantastic investment. This non-electrical piece of equipment works with your water pressure to accurately dilute your salon shampoos.  The Ecomix operates on a wash or rinse function and holds 4 different shampoos or conditioners and you can set an individual dilution rate for each.  This Ecomix not only saves groomers time but also helps reduce the amount of wasted product.


This is awesome! So easy to install (I did it myself), set up, and use. I bought this for my second bath in the salon and it works like a dream ensuring that you use the right amount of shampoo and saves time. I was going to buy a second hydrobath but I don't need to with the Ecomix. I honestly can't recommend this enough!” Anonymous, UK


During lockdown and as salons started to reopen, we saw lots of Hyperclens and our new Hyperclens surface spray in your orders.  Since March 2020 we have sold thousands of litres of Hyperclens helping our groomers to keep their salons as safe as possible during this pandemic. 


I have used this product in my salon, on the floor, for water bowls, on counter tops etc and it does exactly as it states. There is a lovely long lasting scent, which keeps my salon smelling fresh. I will be sure to try the other scents. With the dilution rate I found the bottle lasted me quite a while.” Nikki, UK

Groom Professional Is Famous

As well as being a feature in professional grooming salons around the world, Groom Professional is an industry award-winning brand.  In 2013 with revamped packaging, we launch a new product to the Groom Professional Pet Therapy range – a Massage Sponge.  This unique product released essential oils and conditioner, cleansing and moisturising the skin and its innovative shape helpped remove dead hair.  This product was awarded the top prize in the New Product Show Case at PATS.  In 2014 the Petcare by Groom Professional Flea and Tick Laundry Treatment was also the recipient of this award. 

Colin Christie


After using many other clipper sprays and not getting the results I wanted I decided to use Groom Professional! It’s brilliant, I can definitely tell the difference while clipping!!!” Ryan from Dogs to Design UK

Her Majesty the Queen of England was also sent a gift of some Groom Professional Pet Therapy Products for her Corgis.


During Lockdown while grooming salons were closed, we were happy to help pet owners select products for at-home maintenance.  One product that was popular with pet owners and is also a groomer favourite is Baby Fresh Shampoo - in 2019 we sold over 80,000 litres of it!  This gentle shampoo will give a deep clean while not irritating the skin and we are delighted that the Independent featured it in their Best Dog Grooming Products List as ‘…the best there is…



Looking to the future, we are excited to expand the Groom Professional range with intelligent solutions to everyday grooming problems and keep creating raving fans. 

What would you like to see as part of the collection?

What are your favourite Groom Professional products? 


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