Wash Like a Pro - The Christie’s Direct Guide for How to Wash Your Dog Like a Groomer.

Wash Like a Pro - The Christie’s Direct Guide for How to Wash Your Dog Like a Groomer.
Wash Like a Pro - The Christie’s Direct Guide for How to Wash Your Dog Like a Groomer.


wash like a pro



Washing a dog is simple right? Get them wet, slap on some shampoo, rinse, dry, hug, kiss, done. That’s all there is to it right? Well, you could do that, but this method wouldn’t quite get the same fresh and healthy pooch that our professional dog bathing method would. Since we know that you love your dogs and want the best for them, we have brought you the best way to do a proper wash just like a professional groomer.


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What a lot of beginner home groomers don’t realise is that the best method for washing a dog is 2 and 1. This is very simple, meaning you shampoo twice and condition once which makes total sense when it is explained why.



For the two shampoo steps you can use different shampoos and we will discuss some of the different choices available, but this isn’t absolutely necessary for a simple at home wash.



The first step is soaking your dog. For this you will use warm water and start at the neck working down. Whilst a detachable shower head is ideal for this other at home solutions such as a cup or pitcher work too! If you are using a shower head, make sure it is not on a high pressure.



Step two is the first shampoo. Again, you can use the same shampoo throughout but if you choose not to then for this stage you will want the best ‘cleaner’ shampoo as this is the stage that removes all of the dirt. Something like the Show Tech + Supreme or Groom Professional Dirty Dogs are a perfect choice. Make sure to follow the dilution instructions on any shampoo, using warm water to do this, if you haven’t done this before we have a guide here.



You will then want to scrub through the body working your way down like in step one, making sure not to miss any spots such as around the paws. Make sure you really massage into the root of the coat, getting right down to the base, otherwise the underneath of the coat could remain matted. By doing this the shampoo will open the hair follicles on your dog and remove any dirt. To finish this step, you will then rinse them off, making sure to take your time and remove all of the shampoo.



For step three you will do a second shampoo, repeating step two. The reason for doing this is that while the hair follicles have been opened and the dirt has been removed, you are then able to treat the coat. This is why in this stage you could also choose to use a different shampoo which specialises in something your dog needs. This could mean using a soothing shampoo designed for irritated skin like the Natures Specialties Aloe, a moisturising shampoo like Groom Professional Fresh Sea Zest, or a volumizing shampoo like the iGroom Volumizer Shampoo. Different dogs will have different needs so if you’re not sure we have a coat guide here.



The fourth step is conditioning. Using a conditioner is very important as it will close the hair follicles. Not doing this would leave them open and vulnerable to dirt, making the wash much less effective. Simply apply your conditioner and allow it to sit for a minute before once again rinsing. Most professional dog groomers will use a nice, scented conditioner like WAHL Easy Groom or Groom Professional Argan Oil.



Finally, you will need to dry your pooch. A hair dryer can be used for this so long as it is on a cold or warm setting and never hot. Whilst drying your dog you can also use this as a chance to brush the coat, such as with the Groom Professional Slicker. As a final touch you may also like to use a cologne to add a favourite scent, Groom Professional has a wide range of choices for this. If you find the drying process slow and want to speed it up, we also have Groom Professional Fast Dri Spray and the Water Magnet Towel, which will shorten dring time!



Now with a nice clean dog you’re ready to go out and show them off to the world. Just do your best to avoid those big muddy puddles... you wouldn’t want them undoing all your good work straight away!

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