The Best Grooming Gifts to Treat Your Dog Valentine’s Day 2023

The Best Grooming Gifts to Treat Your Dog Valentine’s Day 2023
The Best Grooming Gifts to Treat Your Dog Valentine’s Day 2023

Christies Direct Valentines dog gifts


Valentine's day is all about love. It doesn’t just have to be about the love between a couple, it can also be about the love you have for your family. Who better in your family to show this love than your favourite four-legged furball? To help you with this we have some of our favourite suggestions to treat your dog and leave them feeling lovely and fresh.


madra mor mud treatment


What says ‘I Love You’ more than a nice relaxing spa treatment? These aren’t just for people as Madra Mor has developed a mud treatment designed to give the same experience to dogs. This treatment is available in multiple types including some to improve mobility, provide flea relief, soothe the skin, and help deal with shedding.



Warren London Cucumber Melon Foaming Facial


Warren London believes that "Every Dog Deserves a Spa Day" and what better way to do that than give your dog a Facial! This Cucumber Melon Foaming Facial was formulated with All-Natural ingredients to cleanse the outer ears, face, and neck. It will clean, brighten, and remove stains to freshen up your dog and leave them feeling fantastic.



Pet Care Nose and Paw Balm


Cracked and sore paws or tender noses are not a nice experience for a dog. By using all-natural human-grade ingredients Pet Care has created a nose and paw balm that is the perfect gift to any pooch. Able to heal and moisturise the pet's paws and other body parts. This balm is also great for dry or chafed elbows, sunburned noses, cracked pads, or itchy skin.



Groom Professional Candy Hearts


 Nothing says ‘I love you’ to your pet like a new fresh scent and this deliciously sweet cologne is the perfect Valentine’s choice. A classic sweet spritz, Candy Hearts is reminiscent of a favourite classic candy.



Dezynadog De-Matt Bundle


As far as gifts go this might not be your dog’s first choice, but when their coat is soft and de-matted, they will feel refreshed and wonderful. The Dezynadog De-Matt Bundle is the perfect bundle to help dogs who struggle with matts. With a fantastic Dezynadog de-matting shampoo, conditioner, slicker, and the incredibly popular Amazing Trix spray, your dog’s coat will be saying ‘I love you’ after this.



Warren London Cleopatra Doggy Milk Bath


Some owners love their dogs so much that they’re treated like the King or Queen of their house. If this is true, then the best way to treat them is with the lovely Warren London Cleopatra’s Doggy Milk Bath. Show them you love them by making them feel as elegant and regal as Cleopatra herself. This bath will provide a relaxing and tranquil experience, whilst making the coat shinier and smoother with its nourishing and hydrating ingredients.

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