Emily Myatt Talks - Blo i600 dryer/blaster

Emily Myatt Talks - Blo i600 dryer/blaster
Emily Myatt Talks - Blo i600 dryer/blaster

Emily Myatt is a certified Master Groomer from the Gold Coast of Australia. We had the pleasure of having her with us at Crufts to do grooming demonstrations. Emily came back to Northern Ireland with us to conduct a Groomer Development course, and also had some time to share her favourite products with you.

In this video, Emily talks through the Groom Professional Blo i600 Dryer/Blaster and why she thinks it’s one of the best dryers on the market.

The Blo i600 Dryer/Blaster  by Groom Professional is the ultimate machine for any busy salon.

It has two motors which are controlled by a variable speed switch as well as a variable heat and air flow setting. The quick flick off switch makes it so easy to turn off the dryer and is perfect for an emergency situation if you need power off fast.

Its special intel system reduces noise, leading to a more comfortable working environment for you and the pet.

It can be used as a blaster or finishing dryer using the straight dryer pipe, or the 2.5 metre hose. So instead of having a blaster dryer and a finishing dryer, you have 2 in 1. It also comes with adjustable stand on wheels, making it convenient to move around the salon.

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