Emily Myatt Talks - Tips For Home Groomers

Emily Myatt Talks - Tips For Home Groomers
Emily Myatt Talks - Tips For Home Groomers

In this epsiode Emily talks about grooming at home. Going over some of the fantastic tools and aids that will make grooming so much easier for you and create better results between visits to your groomer!


First Emily talks about the importance of using a detangling spray before brushing your dog as it can make your life so much easier and also make the brushing easier and enjoyable for your pet. As an example Emily has the Show Dog Magic Mist  at hand and as she says "it's magic for a reason".

Next it's on to brushing and in particular slicker brushes. Slickers come in lots of different shapes and sizes so it is important to know which type is good for your dog. Some are soft and some are medium, it is maybe better to seek advice if you aren't sure and our customer service team at Christies Direct are always happy to help and you can contact us via phone, live chat, email and social media. As Emily says they are very easy to use and ergonomically shaped to make the brushing experience easier and less strenuous.

Brush first and comb second is a good rule to live by when grooming. One of Emilys favourite combs is the Groom Professional 80/20 titanium comb which helps with static and doesn't get stuck in the coat. The finer end of the comb is also known as the 'checker' by groomers. This is perfect for checking the coat is brushed out fully and great for checking more delicate areas such as the armpits.

For longer/thicker coated dogs, a very handy tool to have is the Andis Flexible Dog Rake  This tool has some unique features such as the rotating teeth which helps the rake not to get stuck as it travels through the thick coat and will glide through. the pins are also retractable which makes it much easier on the dog and means you won't accidently damage their skin. 

After all the brushing is done there is nothing better than to apply a little spritz to the dog leaving them smelling great and ready to recieve compliments from friends! They are also great to use between baths in case your pup is getting a little stinky. Christies Direct has a fantastic range of colognes including Emily's favourite, the Baby Fresh.  

When bathing at home a fantastic option for a shampoo is the Wipe Out by Show Dog  which is a great clarifying shampoo and gets rid of anything that may have penetrated the hair, such as colognes and conditioners.

That's all from Emily this time but keep an eye out for more blogs in the series and don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel! 


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