The Pet Grooming Professional's Festive Gift Guide

 The Pet Grooming Professional's Festive Gift Guide
The Pet Grooming Professional's Festive Gift Guide

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If you are a pet grooming professional searching for a gift for a colleague or a pet owner hunting for the perfect present for your dog groomer, look no further. We’ve selected the top 5 gifts for pet groomers from Christies Direct. Give the gift of time, exceptional finishes, new favourites, or gifts to encourage them back out into the competition ring.

We’ll also share some festive retailing options for groomers with great items as add ons or upsells to your grooms in the lead up for Christmas. These items make great pet presents.

dezynadog aureus scissors

1. Dezynadog Aureus Scissors 

The perfect gift for a scissor obsessed groomer, these brand-new golden Aureus Dezynadog Scissors launched on Black Friday and we think would make an incredible gift this Christmas. Developed from high-quality Chinese VG10 Stainless Steel these scissors retain a perfect sharpness, allowing groomers to achieve golden grooms for longer. Crafted with a convex edge for a smooth cut from every angle leaving a perfect finish on every groom. Available in straight, curved, thinner, and chunker models as well as lefty options, this range also includes the new popular curved chunker style! Each model is finished with a striking, unique tension screw and soft rubber finger inserts for comfortable, all-day use. Each scissor is also beautifully presented in a protective DezynaDog black case, just add a festive bow and they are ready to gift.

groom professional appointment planner 2022

2. Groom Professional 2022 Appointment Planner 

The perfect gift for the forward-thinking organised groomer. The Groom Professional 2022 Appointment Planner is the perfect way to get set for 2022. This is the only pet groomer specific planner available on the market. It allows groomers to schedule appointments correctly and efficiently and also includes space for notes, useful contacts, and a blade chart, dryer and scissor maintenance info, and a groom professional shampoo table. We’ve made this planned A4 size, with a clutter-free design so there is loads of space for all the useful information you need for each appointment. The plastic cover means wipe clean, and the pages are high-quality paper, so you’ll experience no bleed through.

big g slicker and ice on ice

3. Big G Slicker Brush and Ice on Ice Spray 

Give the gift of time with a Chris Christensen Big G Slicker brush and Ice on Ice Spray . The Big G slickers have 40% more pins than the Big K. These miracle brushes effortlessly fluff curly, cottony coats, detangle AND style! The groomgrip make them easy to use at the table and in the bath. The long and scratch-free pins penetrate deep into the coat, meaning even tough matts are manageable. Adding a spritz of Ice on Ice will cut brushing and prep time, alongside detangling and conditioning. Ice on Ice is a groomer favourite!

natures specialties plum silky bundle

4. Nature’s Specialties – Plum Silky Bundle 

If you love introducing friends to their new favourite products, then the Plum Silky range from Nature’s Specialties is a great gift choice. In fact, it is Nature’s Specialties best seller! The gorgeously scented shampoo  deep cleanses, adds texture and conditions – what more could you want! The conditioner contains the optimum blend of keratin and silk proteins to add smoothness, moisture and help reduce frizz. Finish with the Plum Silky cologne  for long lasting plum scent. We are sure these products will quickly become salon staples!

chris christensen ring side tote

5. Chris Christensen Ring Side Tote 

As we start to see a return to shows and competitions, a Chris Christensen Ring Side Tote Bag  is a perfect gift for groomers with a competitive streak. It features 28 pockets to fit each item, a comfortable padded carry handle and a removable shoulder strap, is extremely hardwearing. Don’t be fooled by its smaller size however, this tote bag really does have space for everything needed to ‘wow’ the judges.

retail items

Retail Items this Festive Season 

We hope you’ve stocked up on at least one of our Groom Professional Festive fragrances! Did you know you can purchase a Christmas Colognes retail box featuring 3 of our best selling fragrances? When your customers collect their pooches smelling good enough to eat, these are an easy add-on to a groom and a great pet stocking filler.

The Groom Professional Curved Soft slicker brush  is also an excellent gift. Not only can a pet owner bond with their dog while brushing, but they will also help maintain their coat between grooms, keeping it matt and tangle-free. These brushes are very affordable and durable and will last owners a long time.

Finally, Groom Professional Wondercoat  is the perfect partner to a slicker brush. This detangling spray will instantly condition the coat and help when brushing on knots and detangling. It isn’t greasy and won’t leave a residue on the coat but will leave a gorgeous fresh scent. It is suitable for all coat types.


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