Roseline - Tradition and Technology in Perfection for 50 years

Roseline - Tradition and Technology in Perfection for 50 years
Roseline - Tradition and Technology in Perfection for 50 years

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For 50 years Roseline has been producing scissors of the highest quality in Solingen, Germany. The company have always strived to couple the tradition of Solingen scissoring with the best and most up-to-date technology and innovation.  Their team of over 20 experienced specialists keep ahead of the trends in functionality, materials and design, to create some of the best professional grooming scissors available.  Their production combines traditional craftsmanship and the use of state-of-the-art processing technologies, such as robot-loaded and computer-controlled grinding machines and the best materials.  Roseline strives to stay at the cutting edge of the industry.

All Roseline scissors are manufactured in Solingen, crafted from durable German steel. Every groomer needs a pair of German steel scissors in their collection and the ranges from Roseline are perfect for heavy-duty work, and the perfect choice for a busy salon. German steel tends to be a popular choice for groomers starting out or in training and we stock Roseline ranges in Levels 1, 2, and 3.  Level 1 scissors are a great choice for student groomers and new starts, even pet owners might find these scissors suitable. Level 2 scissors are a great work-horse scissor for everyday professional grooming and a choice for new groomers as they gain experience. Level 3 scissors are fantastic for professionals who take scissoring seriously and will last several years if they are looked after correctly. We stock a range of thinning, straight, and curved scissors by Roseline in a variety of lengths from 4.5inch scissors perfect for trimming faces and feet up to 8.5inch scissors for those more confident groomers. 

Price Range: £49.95 - £83.95

Roseline Classic

Roseline Classic

Level: Level 2

These scissors have an attractive satin finish and removable finger inserts for your comfort so they are a great scissor for all day grooming and give a smooth finish.

Best selling - Roseline Classic (860020) £54.95 7.5inch


Roseline Red

Roseline Red

Price Range: £51.50 - £54.50

Level: Level 2

These are a slightly slimmer and lightweight range perfect for those who may be suffering from wrist pain or strain.  They feature micro-serrated blades which give a smooth finish and their red finger inserts add a pop of colour and ensure all-day comfort.

Best Seller - Roseline Red Scissor Set with Case


RoseArt Black Rose

Roseart scissors

Price Range: £82.95 - £90.95

Level: Level 3

These fantastic level 3 scissors feature a single micro-serrated blade. They are lightweight to hold and great value for money. The gorgeous rose and paw print makes them stand-out scissors in the salon and the coating not only adds to durability but is even unaffected when the scissors are sharpened!

RoseArt Best Seller  - Thinne 46T Black Rose


Flamingo Thinner

Roseline Flamingo Scissors


Price Range: £41.95 - £85.95

Level: Level 3

These gorgeous scissors with a flamingo inspired print are exclusive to Christies Direct, and groomers love them.  Not only do they add a splash of colour to your scissor case, but they are crafted from durable german steel, and are a strong hardworking scissors.

Flamingo Best Seller - Roseline Flamingo 82193 Thinner 6.5"

Roseline Pink Scissors

Price Range: £65.95 - £68.95
Level: Level 2.

Designed with the same durable german stainless steel, and excellent cutting, but with a bold pink coating. 


Golden Range

Roseline Golden Range

Price Range: £22.95 - £76.95

Level: level 1 & 2

If you want a durable scissor for heavy-duty work that also looks gorgeous in your salon, then the Golden range from Roseline will be right up your street.


Young line

Price Range: £18.95  - £19.50

Level: Level 1

Great range of scissors for student or start up groomers.  They are crafted from lightweight, ice-tempered stainless steel and feature comfortable plastic handles.  They are a durable scissor and great value for money. 

Best Seller Roseline Young Line 6“ Scissor

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