Blog - Meet Doug. Yes, Doug is a Pug.

Blog - Meet Doug. Yes, Doug is a Pug.
Blog - Meet Doug. Yes, Doug is a Pug.


This little rascal calls Coleraine home, along with mummy and daddy, Deborah and Ryan as well as big sister Caoimhe.  

Being 5 years old, he’s typically middle-aged, taking life at a slower pace.  In true pug style, Doug enjoys invading everyone’s personal space with a lot of cuddles - whether they invited him or not!  

When Deborah fixes the cushions on the sofa Doug comes along and rearranges them to make himself comfy!


Grooming is time for them to relax and bond, as well as looking after Doug’s health, it’s safe to say Deborah enjoys it as much as he does!

I brush Doug down every evening before his walk and he loves it.  I have started to use the Groom Professional Shed Stopper and have noticed a big difference in how much hair Douglas sheds. Previously I was constantly brushing/hoovering my floors and cleaning my clothes down with a lint roller. This product is a must for anyone with a short-coated breed.”

Although Doug goes to the salon, there are times when he needs a little bath at home, if he has been exploring the forest or beach on a Sunday stroll. The Earthbath Shed Control Shampoo nourishes and detoxifies his skin and rejuvenates his coats as well as controlling the excessive shedding and dander.  It can be used with the Earthbath Shed Control Conditioner.  

If you are a Pug owner or indeed have Pugs in your salon, the Madra Mor Shed Safely Mud is also an amazing product to try! It will remove any loose hair from the coat and treat clogged hair follicles, not to mention leave the skin and coat smelling amazing!

Although the products mentioned above are recommended for a Pug, they are also suitable for other short-haired breeds, including Beagles, Boxers, and Dalmatians. 


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