How to groom a Pug

How to groom a Pug


The pug is a small, comical and very loving dog breed. They require a some – but not excessive – grooming, due to their short, harsh coat. Their coat can require more attention in spring and autumn when they shed more heavily. Their defining physical features are their expressive, large, dark eyes and the adorable wrinkles around their faces. The finished groom should leave the coat short, glossy and laying flat against the body, with no loose or shedding hair.

NOTE: Pugs are prone to being overweight/obese. This can be a combination of breathing difficulties and poor exercise. As a breed standard, the Pug should be robust and well muscled around the forequarters and hindquarters

Coat Type

Short / Harsh

Grooming Requirement

Bathe & Curry Brush

Grooming Notes

  • As a double coated breed the pug tends to shed more heavily in the Spring and Autumn
  • It is also noted that females tend to shed more when they are coming into season
  • Some sources state that Black Coated Pugs have only a single coat
  • It is extremely important to prevent water from entering the nasal cavity, if necessary use only a damp cloth around the muzzle area
  • Ensure wrinkles are completely dry after bathing, to prevent the growth of bacteria and development of sores/infection

Grooming Guide

  • A blaster can be particularly useful at all stages of grooming for this breed. Use the blaster prior to bathing to help lift skin dander, debris and loose coat. Use a blaster after bathing to help remove excess moisture from the coat
  • Use a soft cloth to go over the muzzle to clean and dry wrinkles. It is recommended to clean the face & wrinkles everyday with a damp cloth
  • Use a #15 – #40 blade to trim paw pads if necessary
  • Massage coat with a curry brush to remove loose hair
  • Use a soft bristle brush regularly to remove loose hair and distribute the natural coat oils around the coat
  • Apply a fine mist of coat polish to bring up the natural shine of the coat

Grooming Tool Recommendations

Other Health Recommendations

Clipper Blade Recommendations

Shampoo Recommendations

For everyday use mild/hypoallergenic shampoos are recommended. You can also use coat specific shampoos depending on the coat requirement, such as shedding treatment, deep clean, speed dry or itchy skin relief.

Conditioner Recommendations

Conditioner isn’t essential for this breed, but it can be used to add additional shine and moisture to the coat.

Coat Care Recommendations