Treat Yo’ Self to Dog Grooming Products this Singles’ Day

Treat Yo’ Self to Dog Grooming Products this Singles’ Day
Treat Yo’ Self to Dog Grooming Products this Singles’ Day

Singles Day

Singles Day 

Singles’ Day, originating from China, is the celebration of single, independent living. It’s often used as a celebration of not being in a relationship, but at Christies, we use it to celebrate treating yourself and taking the time to put yourself first. On Singles’ day, we are offering 11% off an amazing luxury bundle of professional dog grooming products, that’s sure to be the ultimate treat for you. Read more about the bundle below, and if you don’t fancy treating yourself to the whole bundle, there may be a small gift or two that you’re willing to splash out on for yourself.

Dog Grooming Clippers, Trimmers and Accessories

Clippers and Clipper Care 

The first treat of the day – new clippers. This bundle offers an amazing selection of clippers, trimmers, and accessories to make sure you bring your clipping ‘A game’.


Starting off is the Andis Pulse ZR II , a cordless professional dog clipper that is extremely heavy duty. It has 5 different speed settings, meaning this clipper can tackle any coat type and it is compatible with all A5 snap-on blades. It also comes with 2 removable batteries that last for 3 hours, a ceramic edge 10 blade, a charger, blade drive, blade oil, adaptors, and a carry case.


Next is the Wahl Arco Cordless Trimmer . This quiet trimmer is perfect for nervous dogs in your salon and it’s great for the more intricate areas of the groom. Each battery lasts for 30 minutes and it comes with a spare and charger. It also has a unique adjustable blade system, that adjusts from a 50 blade to a 10 blade.


To provide maximum control whilst clipping, this bundle contains the Oster Metal Comb Set , which offers 10 different length combs to cut a variety of styles. Each comb is colour coded to make identification easier and as they’re made of metal the risk of breaking these guides is much lower than their plastic counterparts. These comb guides come with a plastic storage case to keep the combs safe and sound.


To keep all your clippers and trimmers in top condition, the Groom Professional Clipper Maintenance Kit contains 3 key products to ensure your clippers run smoothly. The Groom Professional Clipper Oil is to be used before, during and after each groom, to keep your clipper blades lubricated. The Groom Professional 4 in 1 Spray is a multi-use product that cools, cleans, lubricates, and disinfects the blades. This is to be sprayed at least once every 10 minutes during the groom. Finally, the last piece of this bundle is the Groom Professional Klip Well Blade Wash , which is an effective disinfectant for clipper blades. Simply submerge the blade in the Klip Well solution at the end of the day to disinfect and lubricate your blades.

Dog grooming scissors & accessories

Scissors and Scissor Care 

Our second round of treats comes to you in the form of scissors, every groomer’s favourite piece in their kit. This bundle contains both scissors and scissor accessories that will ensure your grooms make the cut.


The  provide a golden touch to your grooms. Made from Japanese 440c steel, with a rose gold coating, these scissor gives an effortlessly flawless finish. They are also extremely smooth and light, giving you optimum comfort all day. They also have a clear gemstone for adjusting tension.


Unusual in design, but distinguished in quality, the Chris Christensen 6” Artisan Razor Shaper  truly is a standout scissor. One side is fine and the other coarse making trimming and finishing easy with an ultra-sharp convex blade. It’s also accented in diamond and features a gold titanium handle, which offers a luxurious look and feel.


Now to look after these scissors – meet the Groom Professional Scissor Accessory Bundle. This kit contains the Groom Professional Single Scissor Cylinder , Groom Professional Scissor Finger Inserts , Groom Professional Scissor Oil , Groom Professional Scissor Spritzer , and a Groom Professional Spectrum 50/50 Aluminium Comb  in orange. Each of these items has been chosen to ensure your scissors last longer and to make scissoring more comfortable for you!

Dog grooming tools and brushes

Brushes and Tools 

Need the perfect tool to perfect your grooms? This luxury bundle contains a comb, brush, and nail grinder to keep pooch’s looking pawfect.


Do you need a versatile comb, that’s great on any coat type? The Chris Christensen Fine/Coarse Buttercomb  is great for daily styling and maintenance, it is 50% coarse and 50% fine, and the pins will prevent friction due to their rounded corners and unique design.  They also help avoid snagging. The comb pins are crafted from durable stainless steel, with a brass core with a flat spine for durability.


Get flowing locks with this brush. The Les Poochs Gold Finishing Brush Single  is a super soft brush that is suited for longer coated breeds. Don’t be fooled by how soft this brush is, it’s also extremely effective, leaving a silky finish to the coat.


The next tool is the Andis CNG-1 Cord/Cordless Nail Grinder . This quiet running nail grinder features two speed settings, allowing it to work on any pet type. It has a battery that lasts 3+ hours, or alternatively, it can be plugged into the mains. To add, it comes with 4 finishing stones and 4 grinding stones. This is the ultimate grinder for comfort in your salon.


Do the dogs in your salon get restless, tired and want to jump off the table? The Chris Christensen Stand N Groom  is here to help. Simply place it under the dog’s belly and it will prevent the dog from moving making grooming, and clipping, a breeze. Crafted from real leather, this is sure to be comfrotable for your clients.


dog grooming clothing


Dog Groomer Clothing

Having professional, durable grooming clothing is key for running a busy salon. The Groom Professional Tuscany Jacket in Gold  is a sleek, stylish grooming top that will give a professional impression to your clients. Made of hair resistant fabric, this jacket comes in a semi-fitted style for a flattering, yet comfortable look. The short sleeves will keep you cool whilst you groom.

dog shampoo, conditioner


Bathing is a crucial stage in correctly prepping a dogs coat for clipping and scissoring. Ensure your dogs are prepped using the correct shampoos and conditioners and this can be the difference between a manageable coat and an unhappy customer. Check out the amazing bathing products offered in this luxury bundle.


The Groom Professional Argan Oil Shampoo (450ml)  is ideal for any dull, dry, tangled, or damaged coats. It contains Moroccan Argan Oil, which is extremely hydrating, locking in moisture to the coat and adding shine and lustre. Containing essential fatty acids and vitamin E to repair dry, damaged, and tangled coats and leave them healthy. Suitable for all coats.


Even the driest of coats are no match for the Chris Christensen Diamond Series Miracle Moisture Shampoo (473ml) . Infused with a pro-vitamin formula designed to reduce static and thoroughly hydrate the coat. Suitable for all coat types, this is the ultimate restorer for any lifeless coat.


Providing hydration, the iGroom Pro-Keratin Leave In Conditioner (475ml) detangles and nourishes the coat with every use. This no-rinse product can be used on wet and dry hair, which gives maximum manageability to the coat. It contains Sunflower Oil, Argan and Aloe Vera which reduce flyaways and help with deshedding as well.


Need power in your conditioning? The Groom Professional Argan Oil Conditioner  (450ml) has a unique blend of Moroccan Argan Oil and conditioning agents that quickly penetrate the hair shaft, restoring shine and adding intensive moisture. This conditioner is ideal for any damaged coats.


Relax your clients with the Tropiclean Spa Facial Scrub (236ml) . This oatmeal and blueberry scrub is a lightly foaming facial cleanser that soothes and balances. It effectively cleans, whilst being gentle enough for sensitive coats. It’s great on all coat types but works especially well on white dogs and is great for tear staining. With the Tropiclean Spa Facial Scrub, paws and faces will be left sparkling white.

dog grooming coat care products

Coat Care 

Enchace to your bathing routine, with the use coat care products.  These products add specific coat qualities to maximise your clients’ coats!


The iGroom Charcoal Powder Spray (25g)  is designed to add volume and texture into any groom. It absorbs excess oils in the coat, making it a great refresher for in between bathes. It works on all breeds, giving them a precision root lift, but we’d recommend this for black and darker coloured dogs.


An 8 in 1 cream that leaves coats silky smooth? Yes please! The Chris Christensen Diamond Series Miracle Cream (148ml)  is a coat perfector that tames the unruliest of coats, leaving a smooth and silky finish. It also protects against damage. Simply use 1-2 pumps for a stylised, frizz-free finish.


The iGroom Silicone Free 3-in-1 Spray  is a multi-functional product that can be used in three ways. It detangles, conditions, and softens, acting as a finishing spray, detangling spray, and conditioning maintenance. It leaves no residue, isn’t greasy and is silicone free, meaning less build-up on the hair follicle.

dog drying and blasting


Need the ultimate blast? In this luxury bundle, we have included the MegaBlast 2 Power Blaster in Silver . The blaster has an ultra-long hose, allowing you to place the blaster away from the bath. It also has a 2 very quiet 1100-Watt motors and two on/off switches, allowing you to have three different speed settings. This blaster is also extremely powerful so ideal for larger dogs with lots of undercoat.

dog colognes and perfumes


Colognes are the perfect way to finish your groom, offering your clients a sense of luxury and gorgeous smells that last for days.


Our first cologne in this bundle is the iGroom Pleasia 1 (100ml) . This perfume is crisp and fresh, using the scent of Verbena, which infuses green leaf, leafy spearmint, petals of fresh blossom and a touch of white amber and cedarwood, to instil the fresh scent of the outdoors.


Our next fragrance is luxury encapsulated. The Groom Professional Exclusive Mandarin & Rose Fragrance (500ml)  contains mandarin orange, bergamot, angelica, and white flower scents, which is quickly followed by notes of gardenia, jasmine, lily of the valley and rose. This sweet, floral scent is sure to be a winner for your clients.

dog health

Dog Health

A dog groomer’s no.1 job is to ensure their clients are safe and healthy. That’s why we’ve included two health products in this bundle, to ensure that every dog in your salon is a happy one.

Used to fight off ear mites and all their complications, the Thornit Ear Powder (20g)  acts to fight itchy ears, often caused by ear mites. Simply sprinkle a small amount into the inside of the ear surface and massage in, avoiding the ear hole.

Keep their teeth squeaky clean using the Tropiclean Fresh Breath Water Additive (472ml) . Add ½ cap to 1 cup of water and watch the additive protect against plaque build-up and leaves your dog’s breath fresh for 12 hours. It promotes healthy gums and prevents oral disease.