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Eager for more? You're in luck! Why not check out the awesome deals below? But, you better be quick, as these lightning-fast offers are available for a limited time only and you really won't want to miss out!

Lightning Deals

Live 9am

Promotional poster to illustrate 25% off Heiniger Lightning Deal for 30 units only

Live 10am

Promotional poster to illustrate 20% off Jelly Pet Nooses Lightning Deal

Live 12pm

Promotional poster to illustrate buy 1 get 1 free for the product Advanced Groomer Care + hand care gel Lightning Deal

Live 2pm

Promotional poster to illustrate 30% off the product Groom Professional Bye Bye Buzz 450ml Lightning Deal

Live 3pm

Promotional poster to illustrate 15% off Groom Professional grooming tools Lightning Deal

Live 6pm

Promotional poster to illustrate 200 bonus paw points when purchasing DezynaDog Doodle doo Shampoo or Conditioner Lightning Deal

Live 7pm

Promotional poster to illustrate 15% off Groom Professional Fresh Colognes Lightning Deal

Live Tuesday 9am

Promotional poster to illustrate 3 for the price of 2 on Groom Professional colognes Lightning Deal

Live Tuesday 10am

Promotional poster to illustrate 10% off Groom Professional Nooses Lightning Deal

Live Tuesday 12pm

Promotional poster to illustrate 4 for the price of 3 on Natures Specialties Shampoo or Conditioners Lightning Deal

Live Tuesday 2pm

Promotional poster to illustrate Buy 1 get 1 free on iGroom Products Lightning Deal

Live Tuesday 3pm

Promotional poster to illustrate Free Groom Professional Wondercoat with Dezynadog Ember combs Lightning Deal

Live Tuesday 6pm

Promotional poster to illustrate 20% off Midas Scissors Lightning Deal

Live Tuesday 7pm

Promotional poster to illustrate 500 bonus points when £100 or more is spent on Chris Christensen products Lightning Deal

How to avail of Lightning Deals

Ready, set, go!

Make sure to note down the start times of all your favourite deals so you’re ready to go as soon as the offers start to drop.

Each of the deals will only be up for a limited time and some will only have limited stock which means you’ll have to be lightning fast to get your hands on all your faves! And don’t just pop it in your basket then get distracted, to secure the offer you have to check out before the timer ends, otherwise, you’ll miss out!
We're unable to combine orders once they've been placed, so if you do choose to avail of a few of our awesome offers, these will be processed separately and individual shipping charges will apply.
For a full round-up of our T&C’s click here!

How do I claim my offers?

Deals with a discount (%)

Any deals with a % discount will show up on the product page with a quick overview of the current sale price in red, the previous RRP price and the total percentage you’re saving (the best bit)! For tiered members of our Pawsh Perks Scheme, You’ll see your tiered discount on top of the sale discount, which means Pampered Pooches will get an extra 5% off and Top Dogs will get an extra 10% off. This will all be applied automatically, so just add to the basket and get it before it’s gone!

Deals with a Free Product or Bonus Points

Simply add the product(s) you need to buy to avail of the offer, you can see these in the deals section above. Once you have all the items you need in the basket, your free items or bonus points will be added as well, you don’t have to do anything else and should see them in your basket when you go to check out! Some offers have a minimum spend so make sure you’re over this limit to trigger your free gift and if you’re used to claiming your monthly Pawsh Perks free gift, keep in mind that this works a little differently!

Multi-buy Deals

There are 2 Multi-buy Lightning Deal Offers: 4 for 3 Nature’s Specialties 473ml Shampoos and 3 for 2 Groom Professional Colognes. For both of these awesome deals, just add the total number of items you need and you’ll automatically avail of the offer. For example, put 3 Groom professional Colognes in your basket and you’ll get the cheapest for free! AND, if you want to keep availing of this offer, you can add more products to double your savings, but keep in mind you do need to buy in multiples to make this happen!