Groom Professional Student Starter Kit

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Availability: In stock
In stock
  • We have the range of products to suit your needs
  • We have chosen products ideal to start you off
  • Basically all you'll need whilst studying
  • Please contact our sale team for any advice on this kit
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Groom Pro X Blade - 5F

A range of blades which are top quality and yet are available at a price which means that any groomer can have a good stock of blades, meaning less downtime caused by blunt blades.  Pro-X blades undergo a special hardening process which provides excellent resistance to wear, whilst maintaining excellent cutting performance.  They come in both steel and ceramic versions and are compatible with all clippers which take snap-on blades.
  • Blade will cut to 6.3mm
  • See table below for blade details

Although we have an extensive range of clipper blades, it should still be easy to work out what you need. Check out our handy table below for information on each blade size. Remember we are here to help, so if you are stuck on which blade to buy, give us a call on 028 2766 6879 and we will be happy to assist.


Blade Size Chart
Name Description Extra Information

No 5F

Full Tooth Blade

Leaves 6.3mm hair

To be used as a guide only. Exact lengths may differ slightly between manufacturers.

Wahl Metal Comb Guides

No more broken plastic comb guides. These new metal comb guides simply glide through the coat. Best used in conjunction with a No 30, can also fit 15 or 10 blade. Set of 8 in storage case.  Sizes range from 3mm - 25mm. Compatible with A5 type blades (andis, oster, groom professional)

Check out Award Winning Sue Zecco Demonstrating this product in the video below.

Wahl Metal Comb Guide Size Chart
Colour Size Number

























Fine/Coarse Chrome Comb

Professional stainless steel comb, widely used by groomers. Comb 19 cm with 3 cm long teeth.

Groom Professional Curved Soft Slicker Brush

Soft grade curved slicker brushes which are ideal for everyday grooming and especially for soft coats. 

  • Professional Quality
  • Especially for Soft Coats

Groom Professional Nail Clippers

We stock a large range of nail care products ranging from nail clippers and grinders, to files and blood stop powders. Don't miss out on our special multi-buy offers on Groom Professional Nail Tools.

High quality nail cutting clippers with non-slip ergonomic handles made from toughened stainless steel.

  • Professional veterinary quality

Groom Professional Matt Breaker 5 Blade

Dematting skill is something that is developed with practice over time, much like scissoring and styling. Matt splitting requires care and attention,  because you are using a very sharp tool there is always the danger of slicing something besides hair! Watch out for edges of ears, folds of skin and the tips of tails. Products which make the hair slippery will ease detangling efforts.

  • Professional quality Matt Breaker
  • Unique soft grip, non-slip handle

Groom Professional 4 in 1 Clipper Spray

Groom Professional has been developed as a brand to combine a high level of quality, value for money pricing, innovative packaging and attention to detail which has not yet been seen in the animal grooming industry.

This spray will cool, lubricate, clean and disinfect clipper blades while they are being used, results are instantaneous. 

  • Use as often as required or at least once every 10 minutes. 
  • For best results, use in conjunction with our Groom Professional Clipper Oil. 
  • For optimum blade care also use our and Groom Professional Klip Well Blade Wash to thoroughly clean and disinfect blades
  • Size: 400ml aerosol

Groom Professional Ear Wipes 

We have had many requests for ear wipes, and the busy groomer will find these are a real time saver. They are a very strong wipe containing Groom Professional Ear Wash, so no more spills and waste.

  • Contains Groom Professional Ear Wash
  • Quick & easy to use
  • Reduces spills & waste
  • Tub of 50 wipes  

Groom Professional Wondercoat

This wonderful product will add instant condition to any pets coat and skin whilst de-tangling, leaving behind a fresh smell but no greasy residue to go with it. This spray can be used on both short and long haired coats.

  • Helps to condition both the coat and skin
  • Has a clean fresh smell
  • Leaves no grease or residue
  • Suitable for short or long coats

Notes from the Grooming Table 2nd Edition

Updated version of the best selling Notes From The Grooming Table book. This second edition features 145 more pages with 51 new breeds, remastered tools section, comb guard section, functions of dog groups, updated styling, new complete index plus much more new information throughout! Step-by-Step grooming instructions with beautiful illustrations. The book now features over 200 AKC breeds. Essential for every groomer. Even if you have the first edition, you will find this edition an extremely useful addition to your library. Spiral Bound.


  • 51 New Breeds
  • 156 Extra Pages
  • 200+ American Kennel Club Breeds

Groom Professional Astrid Scissor Range

German Stainless Steel. 'Damask' design finish. Finger rest for more comfortable grooming. These scissors include removable soft rubber inserts. Set includes 4.5 inch ball tip scissor, 7.5 inch straight scissor, 7.5 inch curved scissor, and 6.25 inch 46T thinning scissor.

  • German stainless steel
  • Damask finish
  • Finger rest 
  • Removable rubber cushion insert

Groom Professional Bright White Shampoos 450ml

Bright White is our best selling dog shampoo, for the simple reason that it does exactly what it says, and is also one of the best-reviewed products as can be seen below. Contains a colour enhancer to help brighten the coat whilst removing stains and odours. It does not contain any harmful chemicals or bleach. Contains natural coconut oil will add condition to the coat and skin and reduce dandruff. Ideal for Bichons, Westies & Poodles. It's deep cleaning and has a mild coconut fragrance.

  • Coat Type - White Dogs 

  • Dilutes at a ratio of 10:1

  • Contains no bleach or chemicals that will harm the coat or skin

  • Gently cleans, while maintaining the natural moisture balance in both skin and coat

Andis AGC 2-Speed Brushless Clipper Black

This brushless Andis clipper is perfect for all coats and breeds and great for grooming multiple dogs in a day. The brushless motor helps to deliver maximum power and torque for those tough grooming jobs. 


  • Professional 2-speed clipper - 2,300/3,400 stroke per minute
  • Detachable blades for easy changing & cleaning
  • Heavy-duty 3m power cord
  • Perfect for all coats and breeds
  • Compatible with all A5 snap-on blades!

Kit includes:

  • CeramicEdge #10 Blade
  • Detachable plugs for Australia, Argentina, Brazil, European Union & United Kingdom

Groom Professional Dirty Dog Shampoo 450ml

Dirty Dog Shampoo is an excellent deep cleaning shampoo with an economical dilution rate of 20:1. It easily cuts through grease and dirt to leave even the smelliest coats feeling soft and smelling fresh. Suitable for all breeds.

  • Coat Type - Greasy, dirty or smelly coats
  • Dilution rate - 20:1
  • Scent - Fruity Fragrance 
  • Suitable for all breeds

Groom Professional Tender Puppy Kitty Shampoo 450ml

A gentle shampoo which is perfect for the young, sensitive skin of puppies and kittens. This fragrance-free shampoo has a gentle cleansing base and mild ingredients which will not strip the coat and skin of any essential natural oils. Creates a beautiful lather which is easy to rinse. Fragrance-free. 10:1 dilution.

Groom Professional Baby Fresh Shampoo 450ml

Baby Fresh Shampoo is a gentle cleaning shampoo that helps to remove puppy odours. It cleans deep yet will not irritate the skin. It also contains Aloe Vera to soothe and nourish the skin. The Aloe Vera also acts as a natural hair conditioner to promote hair growth and reduce dandruff. Check out the reviews below to see the response of our regular customers.  The Baby fresh smell has made this shampoo a winner in salons all around the world! 

  • Coat Type - all coats and puppies
  • Dilution 20:1
  • Scent - Baby Powder

Groom Professional Coat Repair Conditioner 450ml

Coat Repair Conditioner is designed to be used on brittle, listless and lifeless coats. Apply to a damp coat after shampooing, for a beautiful soft coat with condition. Will work on coats in the worst condition. It also adds shine, life and body to the coat.

  • Coat Type - long, dry coats
  • Dilution 10:1
  • Scent - Mild, pleasant smell

Groom Professional Quick Fix

Finally a blood stop powder that will not stain! This white powder will stop bleeding when nails are cut too short. Simply apply to the affected nail. Also works on minor cuts. 

  • Fragrance free. 
  • Suitable for dogs, cats and small animals. 
  • Essential for every salon!
  • 30g
Recommended for Clipper Maintenance
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