Chris Christensen The Original Ionic Brass/Boar Brush

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In stock
  • Only 'First cut' boar hair
  • 100% Static Free.
  • Lightweight Beech Wood
  • Designed for soft coats or long terrier coats

Chris Christensen "The Original Ionic Brass/Boar Brush"

06 Gauge Brass Bristles with Outer Row of High Quality Boar Bristle

  • Only 'First cut' boar hair
  • 100% Static Free.
  • Lightweight Beech Wood
  • Designed for soft coats or long terrier coats

NOTE: This brush is not to be used on wet coats or with any liquid products, for they will oxidize the brass. It is intended to be used as a finishing brush on clean, dry coats. 

About Boar Hair

In its natural state, boar hair is approximately 6 inches in length and tapers from its thickest point at the bulb (root) to thinnest point at the tip.  The quality of the natural bristle used in any brush is determined by two factors; the quality of the actual bristle itself and which "cut" of the bristle is used. "Cuts" are categorized as "First Cut" (the root end), "Second Cut", "Third Cut", etc.  Depending on the bristle length of the brush being manufactured, the manufacturer may be able to yield three or four cuts from the bristle (the tip or "flag" end of the bristle is generally discarded).

The First Cut is generally regarded as the most desirable. Because the root end of the bristle has a rounded tip, it is very gentle to the skin and because the root end is also the thickest portion of the bristle, it is the most effective for proper brushing.  Remember that in order to be effective, the bristles must be long enough and stiff enough not only to brush the hair but also to contact and gently massage the skin. Yet they must be gentle enough that the scalp is not injured or irritated.

The "First Cut", while being the most desirable, is also the most expensive. Imagine that? Chris Christensen Systems specializes in the highest premium products only and reserves the use of the "First Cut" bristles only. These 3 brushes are of the highest quality "tufted" natural Boar Bristle "First Cut".

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