iGroom is a leading luxury pet beauty and health company
with a reputation for the finest scientifically- developed shampoos, conditioners, skin cares and other products available for pets. iGroom was created by pet lovers for pet lovers, by professionals for professionals, including world- renowned pet stylist and grooming expert Jennifer Lee who has collaborated with the team to add professional experiences and advanced chemistry to the products. These products have been developed carefully to solve the most frustrating grooming challenges.

Shampoo and conditioners

A range of products that are made from naturally derived ingredients by experts to keep the dog’s coat soft, shiny, and healthy. These products can tackle grime, dirt, and odours while it detangles, hydrates and moisturizes the coat. No sulphates, parabens, phthalates, Animal ingredients, naturally inspired and environmentally sustainable!

Coat Care

These products are created with formulas that will be sure to give the ultimate volume, texture with high-precision root lift. They will refresh the hair between washes and absorb excess oil and impurities. Their uniquely formulated products, made with organic ingredients, including mango butter, pomegranate oil, and Beeswax will moisturize and condition even the driest and cracked skin areas.


A wonderful range of colognes with various unique scents depending on what are looking for such as Banana for something sweet or Evergreen for something oh so fresh. These colognes will complement the shampoo & conditioners range well and will ultimately leave a long lasting scent on the coat and in the salon.