Why you should buy the Andis Vida Trimmer

Why you should buy the Andis Vida Trimmer
Why you should buy the Andis Vida Trimmer

leona mcgeough andis vida trimmer


Ok so every groomer knows who Andis are – they have been creating clippers for 100 years so they definitely know what we groomers need!  First impressions are always key in my opinion and personally I love myself a good cordless trimmer!


small but mighty andis vida trimmer


Once you go cordless it’s very hard to go back to a corded clipper as the wire just gets in your way and restricts your movement!  The Vida is a powerful little clipper in a very pretty colour.  The first thing I noticed was how lightweight it was, on reading the information booklet it’s only a tiny 278 grams (similar to the weight of a hamster!) It has a slim, ergonomic design and its nonslip giving ease of use with both hands and the power button being centred is also great for a leftie or a righty groomer! The usb charging port is so small and takes up hardly any room if your grooming salon is tight on space – another great feature of the charger is that you can charge your trimmers on the go. This would come in very handy for going to competitions or shows.  The Vida comes with a selection of plastic comb attachments and different charging pins for use depending where in the world you live (very handy and thoughtful Andis) as well as the instructions manual and some cute Andis stickers! It also comes with a little clipper oil and a brush for cleaning the blades.  


andis vida trimmer


First charge on opening is 3 – 5 hours but after that normal charge time is just one hour and that gives a full 90 minutes of run time.  The clippers are designed for use on all coats and can be used for trimming paw pads, faces and ears as I have done or for setting lines or full grooms either. The clippers are typically Andis and very versatile in that way as you have a multi-use one does all instead of having to switch between different trimmers and different blades during the grooming process.   Grooming suppliers like Christies know we groomers want to work smarter not harder so having a quality grooming tool that you can use to groom a dog from start to finish is excellent!  The Vida is small enough for clipping intricate areas like a small dog hygiene clip but powerful enough to clip a full coat with. You really can #createyourway with this little machine!



On using the trimmers I found them to be very quiet, I think they would be great to use on nervous or skittish dogs or puppies for their first grooming sessions, the shape and design makes it easy to switch from one hand to the other and you can use the clippers at any angle.  Cleaning out the paw pads was as easy as 1, 2, and 3 I put the dial to 40, positioned my trimmers and trimmed!  After attaching the comb guard I found the hair catching at one point when I was clipping the bulk hair off the Shih Tzu’s head but I realised the I had the adjustable dial turned down to the lowest setting (or the 9 blade) so of course the hair was catching!  It will take a little getting used to an adjustable 5 in 1 blade as I have never used one before but I can tell that once I get used to it, it will be such a time saver in the salon!


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