WAHL: The Perfect Dog Grooming Product for Every Pooch

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WAHL: The Perfect Dog Grooming Product for Every Pooch

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If you’ve heard of Wahl and you’ve seen their products, but you’re still wondering if they can provide the right grooming products for you, let us tell you why they absolutely can! This is a guide on how accessible and effective their animal products truly are! So, keep reading for a whistle-stop tour of Wahl’s values and their top products to show you why you should choose them for your pooch pampering needs today!

Wahl endeavours to make the experience of grooming pets as easy as possible (even for the most stubborn doggos). They have meticulously designed and created every tool you will need to give your client's pets the best experience possible! Wahl has also created many online guides with tips and tricks to help expand your knowledge on the dog grooming industry, making it easy to consider the specific needs of each breed and to give those dogs the trims they deserve!

From Clippers to Shampoos

Firstly, let us introduce you to Wahl’s attitude and values: as the brand used by professionals, Wahl has created a range of grooming products that are built to perform and constantly push the boundaries of innovation. Wahl blades ensure the best cutting performance that is more even and better quality than any competitor using stamped blades. This means that their clippers offer unrivalled quality that you can trust because customer satisfaction is their number one priority, and Wahl wants to help you ensure the same satisfaction for your own clients!

Wahl products are the ultimate companion for making your pooches look perfect! Wahl has an excellent range of products from world-class clippers to sweet-smelling shampoos to clean even the dirtiest of dogs! Keep reading to get to know their top products for dog groomers!


Why Choose Wahl


Designed For Dog Groomers

As a dog grooming professional, you know that it’s important to tailor each groom to each dog, starting with the shampoo you choose. The Wahl Showman Shampoo range caters for various skin types, coat types and colours, so no matter what client walks through your door you will have a shampoo that suits them and delivers amazing results. Their shampoos are formulated to be kind to animals’ skin and coats, using natural ingredients and are free from potentially harmful ingredients such as parabens, silicone, and alcohol. There is a lot to consider when choosing the best shampoo for each dog, but the Wahl Showman Shampoo range caters to all, so check it out!


Wahl showman shampoosWahl Cologne

The perfect companion to Wahl’s shampoo is their Professional Pet Cologne Collection which is formulated to deodorise and rejuvenate pet skin and coats. Each cologne is developed with different attributes to cater for different dogs, from anxious dogs to those with sensitive skin! So, as well as smelling incredible they can also help to soothe and refresh your pet. For added ease in your grooming experience, Wahl also have a collection of ergonomic handled grooming brushes which are made from non-slip gel, making them extremely comfortable to use. Wahl has a brush for every type of coat from Wiry to curly, so check out their collection for all the grooming tools and accessories you’ll ever need!


WAHL Clippers Christies Direct

Choosing the right clipper for you can be a difficult decision but Wahl are here to make it easy! Wahl has many tools to choose from, each offering something different. If you’re looking for a reliable, mains powered clipper for your grooming tool kit – the Max 45 Clipper  is the one for you! This powerful two speed motor with cool running technology has been designed for heavy-duty dog clipping. Delivering constant speed control, and more power and torque in tough, dense areas. The Max 45 Animal Clipper is lightweight, ensuring comfortable use for long periods of time, making it an excellent addition to any groomers tool kit!


Another excellent option is Wahl’s KM5 Two Speed Professional Clipper  which is a powerful, mains operated dog clipper with a 2-speed motor. Its minimal vibration and ultra-quiet noise level mean this clipper is ideal for noise-sensitive dogs, providing a calmer experience for you and them. The clipper is rounded to facilitate optimum hair flow, and its 2-speed motor with constant speed control automatically gives a burst of power when going through tougher coats!

Dog grooming Clippers

Wahl also recommends their Creativa Cordless Clipper  as the ultimate tool for professional groomers. The Creativa is a Stylish and ergonomic cordless dog clipper that is light and quiet. It also features endless run time with an innovative battery changing system, featuring two Lithium Ion XXL batteries which each deliver 180 minutes of cordless use with a 120-minute quick charge. Its ergonomic design reduces wrist fatigue, and its automatic speed control ensures a powerful drive and constant power level regardless of the type of coat. The highly effective DC motor with soundproofing produces minimal vibration and maximum cutting ability. The quick-release blade system is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. No tensioning is required, and blades align automatically, while the cool running motor ensures cool blades during clipping.



New To Dog Grooming


New To Dog Grooming?

Wahl’s range of products caters for every groomer from seasoned professionals to total beginners. They encourage student groomers to try their Ultimate College Starter Kit which includes 11 items in total, representing the best value for money on the market! This kit is an excellent foundation for your future in grooming and will introduce you to the excellent quality you can expect from Wahl for the rest of your career!

Starting a new career is very exciting but it can also be scary; that’s why Wahl has also put together an information pack with tips and advice from the industry’s top groomers. One of their top tips for beginners is to look after your tools, as you’ll be using them for the rest of your career! Daily maintenance is key, so take the time to learn about the best ways to keep your tools tip top. At the end of a busy day, it’s a good idea to thoroughly clean your blades. First by removing any hair with a brush and then apply a spray of Blade Ice. This will blast out any hidden dirt and debris from under the blade.

To disinfect the blade, spray with Clipper Hygiene Spray. As a final step, apply a few drops of blade oil to replenish the lubrication and help to resist corrosion. Wahl recommends Wahl Hair Clipper Oil which is specially formulated to get the best out of Wahl clippers and trimmers; used regularly, it will help prolong the life of your Wahl blades and maintain their cutting precision!


At Wahl they are constantly seeking improvement and innovation, so whether you are just starting out in grooming or have been a groomer your whole life, Wahl is the brand you want in your grooming kit! Their products are as loyal as the dogs you’ll be grooming! Follow their social media to keep up to date with Wahl’s latest innovative products which will ensure ease in your grooming experience.

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