The Best Dog Grooming Clippers for 2023

The Best Dog Grooming Clippers for 2023
The Best Dog Grooming Clippers for 2023

The Clippies


Picking the right clipper is a tough choice but don't worry! Our clipper experts have worked hard to put together their awards for The Best Dog Grooming Clippers of 2023, or as we like to call it, The Clippies!


best value for money clipper


Clippers are an investment for any groomer. When you’re investing in tools a very important aspect is value for money. 


This award is for that clipper that has the best-balanced cost and quality. This year that clipper is…


andis ultraedge agc 2 speed


With more speed and power than the original AGC-2 Speed, this clipper is quite the piece of machinery. A corded brushless motor delivers an SPM range of 3000 to 3800 over the two speeds.


Like all Andis clippers, the AGC Super 2-Speed takes A5 snap-on blades making these easy to change and replace, if need be. This clipper is also available in burgundy and exclusive fuchsia.


Kit Includes: Blue Brushless motor clipper, size 10 Andis CeramicEdge Blade, clipper oil, spare drive lever, and plugs for EU, UK, AU, BR, and AR.




most likely to clip a mammoth award


Forget speed and style, those are for wimps! All you want is power, the biggest, strongest clipper available. You don’t clip nice small pooches; you want to be able to clip a mammoth!


For this job, you need the most powerful clipper of the year, and this is…


heiniger saphir corded


Heiniger is known to be the master of power, comfort, and style and their Saphir Corded is no exception.


Thanks to this direct power the Cord can deliver a more powerful 3200 DBS/min and breeze through even the toughest coats. The clever Hybrid system allows the mains-powered plug to be switched out for a Saphir battery and used wirelessly for added versatility (battery sold separately).

This clipper is also compatible with the standard A5 snap-on blades and comes in a kit with: Grey Heiniger Saphir Corded Clipper, No.10 Heiniger Blade, Plug and cord attachment removable plug, cleaning brush, clipper oil, and user manual.



silent but deadly award


Dogs on the grooming table may not be able to see you coming, but can they hear you?


You are a groomer as stealthy as they come so of course you use…



wahl km10



This extra quiet clipper from Wahl is the perfect tool for working with nervous animals. With a sound level of 63db, you will be amazed to know this two-speed clipper can output 3000 or 3700 SPM meaning it will still get the job done.


Compatible with all A5 snap-on blades, the KM10 comes with a no.30 Wahl Competition Blade and helpful instructions making maintenance and blade replacement easy.


Kit Includes: Brushless motor clipper, lithium-ion battery, charging adaptor, no.30 Wahl Competition Blade, clipper oil, spare drive lever, rubber grip, plugs for EU, UK, AU, BR, AR.


mosts stylish 


YOU ARE AN ICON. You know what you like, and it has to be fabulous. Who says you can’t be catwalk ready while shaving a cockapoo?


There was tight competition this year with many beautiful clippers making an appearance, but the icon of style to trump them all is…






The Saphir Cordless clipper is the ultimate in dog grooming tech. This fun, pink, clipper will keep you going all day thanks to the 2 included batteries and 1-hour recharge time. With a pawprint design finish, it'll have you looking the part and makes a great addition to any salon.


But it isn’t just about style, offering 2650 double strokes a minute means you can also expect the quality Heiniger is so well known for.


Kit Includes: Pink Heiniger Saphir - cordless clipper, No.10 Heiniger blade, 1 x battery pack, charging stand, cleaning brush, clipper oil, user manual.



newcomer of the year


This year’s newcomer of the year is a very exciting choice. Not only is it a brand-new clipper, but it is the very first design from one of the best brands in dog grooming.


That’s right, we are sure you have all guessed it, Newcomer of the Year 2023 is…



dezynadog motus



DezynaDog did not hold back for their first clipper. A two-speed cordless dog clipper designed with performance, convenience, and reliability in mind. Topping the charts on run-time, warranty and design, this clipper will keep up with the busiest grooming schedules – remaining comfortable to hold and eye-catchingly stylish the entire time.


With two speeds offering an SPM of 3000/3800 and an RPM of 2400/3000 and a 4-hour battery life, this is quite the clipper. Adding to that the Causeway-inspired design, and we have without a doubt the finest clipper to have been released in the past year.



The Time to Splash the Cash Award



You’ve worked hard this year. It’s time to treat yourself. The tools you use are important and investing in them is a safeguard for the future.


This is the clipper to go for when you’re looking to splash the cash, none other than the…






A clipper with enough power and precision to cut anything from a cat to a horse, this cordless clipper has 3 hours of charge per battery and comes with 2 batteries to keep you powered all day.


 With 5 speed options, this clipper can cut through tough matts or fine, fly-away coats with ease, and the simple LED display makes it easy to tell which setting you are currently using. At less than 59db but 1800/3800 SPM this is a quality choice.


Kit Includes: Rechargeable 5-speed clipper, Removable battery, spare battery, Size 10 Andis CeramicEdge blade, hard case, charging adaptor with charging stand clipper oil, spare drive lever, plugs for EU, UK, AU, BR, AR.



The Most Comfortable Award



Grooming ain't easy is what you say as you shift your old clipper around in your hand, only making it sorer and more uncomfortable with each adjustment.


You could struggle through or, you could upgrade to the most comfortable clipper of 2023…






A sleek design makes this quality clipper from Heiniger a much more ergonomically friendly clipper, sitting much more comfortably in your hand. The comfort isn’t just from its shape, however, as 2600 & 3100 DBS/min helps it glide through tough coats, making the job much easier on your hands.


Like most of our Heiniger clippers, it is compatible with the standard A5 blades.


Kit Includes: Heiniger Opal - Cordless Clipper, No.10 Heiniger blade, 2 x battery, carry case, charging stand, cleaning brush, clipper oil, user manual.



The ‘Wildcard” Award



This clipper is often overlooked, the hard worker in the background, finally getting its recognition.


Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed; our wildcard of the year is…






Many of the WAHL clippers can sometimes be overlooked, but this clipper is not one to miss. A powerful clipper with 2400/3000 SPM it can cut through thick and tough coats with ease. A unique clever cooling system also prevents the clipper from overheating and a 3m cord makes it a more manoeuvrable corded choice.


Kit Includes: Max 45 corded clipper, carry case, #10 blade, cleaning brush, blade oil, instruction booklet, suspension ring.



The Ol’ Faithful Award



You’re a busy person, between poodles and doodles you don’t have time for a clipper to break down. Sometimes there’s nothing better than that old faithful choice.


This year that choice is…







This isn’t just a reliable choice as the Oster’s unique design is unlike any other clipper available. A more classic look it certainly appeals to fans of a retro design.


This clipper does not cut like a retro design however, with 2200/3200 SPM generated by its’ powerful two-speed motor, it is a high-quality dog grooming clipper.


It is also compatible with A5 snap-on blades.



The Ages Like Fine Wine Award



Whilst the newest and shiniest technology might be great for some, it is crucial not to forget the importance of Heritage in a clipper.


Coming from a long line of knowledge passed through generations, this year’s winner is...






When this clipper is referred to as ‘basic’ you get an idea of the quality that has made Heiniger so famous. A classic Heiniger clipper with its signature look and performance, this is the choice for fans of heritage.


You can feel the knowledge that has been passed down through generations in the 2600 SPM that will glide through any coat.


Compatible with A5 snap-on blades.


Kit Includes: Black Heiniger Basic Clipper, No.10 Heiniger Blade, 1 battery, charging stand, cleaning brush, clipper oil, and user manual.



So that’s it for The Clippies 2023. We hope you have learned a lot about the best dog grooming clippers for 2023 and feel prepared to make your choice for what to use this year. Investing in the right tools is, of course, important so feel free to check out our advice hub for more help, or to direct questions to our customer care team who are always on hand to help you pick the right products for you.

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