The 10 Best Scents to Freshen Up Your Dog Groom in 2023

The 10 Best Scents to Freshen Up Your Dog Groom in 2023
The 10 Best Scents to Freshen Up Your Dog Groom in 2023

The 10 Best Scents to Freshen Up Your Dog Groom in 2023


Whilst a quality groom improves the health and well-being of a dog and its coat, one of the biggest ways to shake up and improve the result is to add a fresh new scent. We have compiled this list of 10 of our favourite scents which will allow you to freshen up your dog grooms in 2023.


Groom Professional Fresh Dragon Fruit


We kick things off with a truly magnificent scent from Groom Professional Fresh. Dragon Fruit doesn’t just sound fun and exotic, its long-lasting fragrance takes you away to a tropical paradise.


GP Fresh DF Shampoo + Cologne


Available as both a shampoo and cologne there is no reason not to have the most exotic pooches in the neighbourhood, making everyone jealous with their ‘just off the plane’ scent.



Earthbath Mango Tango Spritz


It may be described as a scent-ual solution to dog odour issues, but this scent is no joke. A fresh mango fragrance that will bring forth thoughts of a tropical paradise is made all the more sweet when you remember Earthbath’s commitment to including nothing that could harm you, your dog, or the planet.


Earthbath Mango Tango Spritz, Wipes, Shampoo


Available as a cologne, shampoo, and handy wipes to keep your pooch smelling fresh with ease.



Groom Professional Candy Hearts


This is the scent to show any dog you truly love them. A fun, sweet scent, reminiscent of a beloved classic candy. Whilst ideal for Valentine’s this scent will be sure to be a year-round favourite!


GP Candy Hearts Cologne


Exclusively available as a cologne, this fragrance is one you do not want to miss.



Chris Christensen Papaya Starfruit


Let this bold scent take you away to southeast Asia with the smells of exotic fruit and plants. From a globally recognised brand this scent features in the popular SmartWash range, ensuring not only a great smell but quality product.


Chris Christensen Papaya Starfruit Shampoo, Conditioner, and Cologne


This great scent is available in the triple threat of cologne, shampoo, and conditioner, so there is no reason not to give it a go!



Tropiclean Berry Breeze


True to their brand Tropiclean has a top tropical scent with their entry, a lovely berry scent with extracts of raspberry and mango. Whilst this may not seem like a typical tropical combination, it has created a wonderful, long-lasting sweet berry fragrance.


Tropiclean Berry Cologne and Berry Clean Shampoo


The Berry Beautiful Cologne also pairs perfectly with Tropiclean’s Berry Clean Shampoo so you can ensure a clean and fresh dog.



Nature’s Specialties Plum Silky


Venture out to the Caucasus with this elegant plum scent from Nature’s Specialties. This fresh and inviting scent will leave both you and your four-legged friend drooling at the thought of fresh plum cake.


Nature’s Specialties Shampoo, Conditioner, Cologne, and Waterless Foam Shampoo


So popular is the plum silky scent, that Nature’s Specialties have provided it in a Shampoo. Conditioner, Cologne, and a Waterless Foam Shampoo.



Groom Professional Fresh Blueberry Bloom


This sweet and fruity fragrance is also alcohol-free, so is an ideal choice for more sensitive breeds. This also results in a more natural fragrance, making you really feel as though you’re standing in a field of blueberries.


GP Fresh Blueberry Bloom Cologne and Shampoo


This is available as both a shampoo and cologne, meaning your new favourite scent can be smelt after and in between baths.



iGroom Figue De Lait


Embrace the generosity and sweetness of figs as you exhale the deliciousness of the summer season with this scent from iGroom. A scent full of citrus and musky fig milk is sure to brighten a groom and leave a long-lasting freshness.


iGroom Figue De Lait 100ml


This scent is currently available only as a cologne and is unique to the iGroom range.


Groom Professional Fresh Sea Zest


Take your pooch for a surf in the Californian waves with this scent from Groom Professional Fresh. Another scent which contains no alcohol, making it ideal for easily irritated skin. This citrus fragrance will provide a blast of fresh sea air to brighten any day.


GP Fresh Sea Zest Cologne and Shampoo


Available as both a cologne and a shampoo you can double down on this scent or combine it with another Groom Professional Fresh favourite.



Nootie Daily Spritz Japanese Cherry Blossom


We finish with a bold and exotic scent inspired by the beautiful cherry blossoms of Japan. This fantastic scent matches the incredible colours of its namesake, whilst maintaining a gentle formula which contains no sulphates or harsh chemicals.


Nootie Japanese Cherry Blossom Spritz, Conditioner and Wipes + Rosemary Extract Shampoo


Not only is this fragrance available in the Nootie Daily Spritz, Conditioner, and Wipes, but also in the Rejuvenating Rosemary Extract Shampoo.

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