Supaw League Round-Up

Supaw League Round-Up
Supaw League Round-Up

Supaw League The Round Up

Supaw League

On Sunday, the tournament of all doggy tournaments ended. Our sixteen brave breeds have been battling it out, tackling, dribbling, and scoring, all to become the Supaw League champions of 2021. With every great team, there is more than just the players and in the case of the Supaw League, our players have all had performance-enhancing products (yes, totally legal), to help them push forward in this competition. With each round, our players fought harder and ran faster, but ultimately, there was only one winner. Let us find out who that was.   

Round One  

In round 1, we had eight ferocious matches that allowed our pawsome pooches to strut their stuff, debuting their skills.   


Our first match saw the Pugs take on the Jack Russells. The Pugs fought well, using the 2 in 1 protein shampoo to add strength to their coat, alongside the Groom Professional Shed Stopper to get rid of flyaways. However, their downfall was in their final pre-game product. The Pugs smelt too good after using the Groom Professional Blue Lagoon Cologne , causing the Jack Russells to follow them constantly, making it impossible to score.  

Next up, we had the French Bulldogs against the Shih Tzus. The Shih Tzu team gleamed during this game because of their silky-smooth coat thanks to the Groom Professional Argan Oil Shampoo and Groom Professional Undercoat Rake However, the French Bulldogs had an insider tip, they knew that the Shih Tzus used the Groom Professional Ear Wash , meaning that their hearing was crystal clear. This allowed them to employ a vocal tactic, using barks to distract the competition, leading to a Bulldog victory.   

Our third match was a brave battle between the Poodles and the Labradors. The Poodles were a fierce contender, using the Groom Professional Wooden Poodle Comb to tease out any tangles and the Evening Primrose Shine Spray to dazzle their opponents. However, while using the Big and Beautiful Volumising Shampoo  left them with beautiful springy curls it also created blind spots and allowed the Labradors to mark their opponents with stealth, giving them the advantage of a sneak attack.  

In the battle of the brits, the Cocker Spaniels proved too quick for the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs used their deep cleaning Groom Professional Dirty Dogs Shampoo , Christies Jelly Scrubber and Pet Care by Groom Professional Sparkle Bright Eyes  to play a clean, fair match. But the Cocker Spaniels used their clean, good nature against them, getting down and dirty to beat the Bulldogs in their match.   

The next match up was the lovable Golden Retrievers vs the German Shepherds. The retriever’s pre-game products including Pozer Truly, Madly, Deeply Shampoo , the Groom Professional Shedding Blade and the Golden Honey Cologne by Groom Professional was an ode to their sweet and soft nature, which was eventually overpowered by the German Shepherds’ laser focus.  

The battle of the Border Collie against the Cockapoo was a strategic and focused match due to the obedient nature of both breeds. The Cockapoo’s detangled curls were a sight to behold, after using the DezynaDog Doodle Doo Shampoo , Detangling Doo Spray and the Groom Professional Amplifier Firm Slicker Brush  - they were tangle and knot-free throughout this match. However, the Collies just edged ahead thanks to their speed and intelligence.   

In a tournament between tiny paws, the Dachshund vs Yorkie match was incredibly tight (and incredibly cute). The Yorkies brought out their inner Diva using the Diva Cologne by Groom Professional , however, their silky-smooth coat, brought to you by the Groom Professional Anti-Static Comb and the Groom Professional Apple Smooth Shampoo , proved too silky, causing a slip up against their competitor, sending the Dachshunds through to the quarter-finals.  

Our final match of Round 1 saw the Westies take on the Bichon Frise. The Scottish wonder used Pozer Love Me Tender Shampoo  to keep its skin soothed and match ready, as well as getting rid of wild hairs with the Groom Professional Coat Rake . But it was Groom Professional Wondercoat  that caused their downfall. Their deeply conditioned and tangle-free coats, caught the eye of all the dogs on the pitch sending the Westie’s into a frenzy, making them lose the match – who knew good looks were such a burden?  


Round Two  

Round 2

Round 2 started off with a bang, with the Jack Russell vs the French Bulldog. Each player played so well, with the French Bulldog’s Royal trio of products ( DezynaDog Crown and Glory Shampoo , Groom Professional Curved Firm Slicker Brush and Groom Professional Duke Dog Cologne ), helped it to remain regal. But like most monarchs, its reign was overthrown, and they were narrowly defeated by the Jack Russell.  

It was Canada against England in the next match, with the Labrador competing against the Cocker Spaniel. The Spaniels’ communication skills were fantastic, with its acute hearing thanks to the Groom Professional Ear Wipes . However, even though its coat was detangled by the Groom Professional Flat Slicker Brush and  its mind was too tangled to win against the powerful Labrador.   

Our next match was against two of the fiercest competitors in this tournament, the Border Collie and the German Shepherd. The dutiful German Shepherd was ready to go after using the , the Groom Professional Undercoat Rake  and the Canine One Dog Cologne . However, the Border Collie’s good temper gave it the upper hand against this powerhouse.  

The final match of the quarter-finals consisted of two very different competitors, the Dachshund and the Bichon Frise. Whilst the Dachshund’s pre-game products consisted of the Groom Professional Spectrum Aluminium Comb , the Groom Professional Baby Fresh Shampoo , it was anything but a baby against the Bichon Frise. The Bichon’s cute and fluffy nature, however, wowed the crowd, giving it the support, it needed to push it through to the semi-finals.   




Then it was the semi-finals, our four semi-finalists were ready to play their hearts out for the first-ever Supaw League trophy.  

Our first semi-finals match saw the Jack Russell take on the Labrador, in a battle of little and large. Although the Jack Russell had spent several days at a de-shedding retreat using the Groom Professional Original Cologne , the Pozer Fly Away Shampoo and Groom Professional Coat Rakes  to prepare for this match, this still wasn’t enough to beat the powerful Labrador.   

The next match was a battle that many football fans have seen before, Spain vs England. The Border Collie took on the Bichon Frise for the final spot in that final. The Bichon used the DezynaDog Amazing Trix Spray to up their tricks during the match, as well as soothing their skin with the Groom Professional Aloe Wonder Shampoo  and upping their speed with the Groom Professional Fast-Dri Spray . However, the Border Collie came through for England by narrowly defeating the Bichon with its strategic nature.   






The day of the finals came, and both teams were beaming with excitement and nerves, In their locker room, the Labradors paced anxiously, whilst their captain Ollie gave a rousing speech. Their physios were at hand, using the Groom Professional Nail Clippers to keep their paws in top condition, on the other side of the room was their groom squad, who were using the Groom Professional Herbal Hydrate Shampoo and Prince Cologne  to make sure their team looked perfect for the final.   

In the Border Collies’ locker room, the Collies put on their star power, using the Groom Professional Star Cologne . They also had a relaxation zone that featured the Groom Professional Coconut Moisturising Shampoo  and Dematting Comb to keep them relaxed before the game. Their captain Meg kept hopes high with her trademark motivational barks.   

Then came the match, the Labradors started off strong, scoring a goal within minutes, but the Collies fought back, using their strong offence to score the second goal of the match. The game was tight, when one team scored, the other quickly followed. Then, the Labradors in a change of character, knocked one of the collies down, leading to a penalty kick, would they make it? The young collie Bella stepped up to take the kick, the crowd went wild and then the whistle sounded to finish the game. And our winners were…  

Supaw League Groups






Supaw League Final

Winner Border Collie

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