Remember Remember (Your Dogs!) This 5th of November

Remember Remember (Your Dogs!) This 5th of November
Remember Remember (Your Dogs!) This 5th of November


rememeber remember your dogs this fifth of november


If you read our blog on How to Have a Happy Hound this Halloween then you would have gotten some great tips on how to keep your dog safe, happy, and healthy on what can be a scary night for most pooches. With Guy Fawkes coming up, as well as this period of the year generally being ‘firework season’, we thought we would take a more in depth look at fireworks and how to keep your dog safe.


Whilst some dogs may cope much better with fireworks it is recommended to never take any dog to a fireworks display. Dogs simply do not like loud noises, and anything that combines the two is going to create an aspect of unpredictability. In October and November there is a shar increase in the number of dogs reported missing because many dogs will bolt as a response. This is because upon hearing the loud noises in the sky they activate their fight or flight response and if there’s nothing to fight, they only have one choice.


Fortunately there is plenty you can do to prepare for fireworks and keep your dog safe.



guy fawkes firework advice for dogs


Create a Safe Haven


It is important when stressed or anxious that your dog has a safe haven where they can go to de-stimulate. Most dogs will already have an adequate safe space where they can hide and feel safe when they are tired or overwhelmed.

dog hiding

To start with you need to decide the perfect location. Most dogs will have a preferred spot in the house, so this is ideal. For some it could be a quiet area, for others it will be right in amongst everything. To prepare this spot make it nice and comfy. Extra blankets will let your dog snuggle up, and some can even be placed over the area such as on top of a crate to make the dog feel extra secure and hidden from the noise.

dog chasing ball

In order to help build a positive association with the chosen space you can also add treats and toys. These will help your dog feel right at home and even offer a comforter or distraction from the noise that’s making them scared. You will also need to make sure that anyone coming into your home knows this is your dogs safe space, as it may upset them (especially during fireworks) if they are approached whilst trying to de-stimulate themselves.

happy hoodie help with Emily Myatt

For more extreme cases of anxiety in dogs during firework season you may wish to use the Happy Hoodie . Usually used to keep dogs calm during grooming, it can help with any anxiety or distress. This will shield the dogs head and quieten the noise which is causing them distress. We recently shared Emily Myatt's thoughts on the Happy Hoodie here. The smell of lavender is also considered a calming scent for most dogs so you may wish to order a cologne or shampoo in advance which could help.

happy dog held by owner

With this in mind we hope all of you, and your beloved pooches can enjoy a lovely Guy Fawkes. Stay safe and follow all local laws regarding fireworks and have a great time!

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