Maximise Your Savings with Christies Pawsh Perks Loyalty Scheme

Maximise Your Savings with Christies Pawsh Perks Loyalty Scheme
Maximise Your Savings with Christies Pawsh Perks Loyalty Scheme

Welcome to the world of Pawsh Perks, Christies premier loyalty scheme, where every purchase brings you closer to incredible rewards. Designed for salon professionals and pet care enthusiasts alike, this program is an excellent way to make the most of your shopping experience. Whether you're a long-standing client or a new shopper, Pawsh Perks is tailored to provide value with every purchase.

Enrolling in Pawsh Perks is simple and rewarding. Here's how you can start benefiting from this incredible program:

Sign Up: Register for the Pawsh Perks program through the Christies website. It's quick, easy, and free.
Earn Points: With every purchase, you earn Paw Points. The more you shop, the more points you accumulate.
Track Your Progress: Stay updated on your points balance. You can check it by calling our dedicated Customer Care Team at +44 28276 66879 or by logging into your account on Your points are prominently displayed for easy tracking.
Redeem Rewards: Turn your Paw Points into fantastic rewards. From essential salon tools to exclusive products, the choice is yours.
Enjoy Additional Perks: As a Pawsh Perks member, you're not just earning points. You'll have access to early sales, exclusive discounts, and special products only available to members.



Deep Dive into Customer Success Stories:

Stephen's Journey to Big Savings: Meet Stephen, a dedicated Christies shopper for nearly a decade. Initially, Stephen hadn't given much thought to the Paw Points he was accumulating. However, upon discovering his points balance, he was able to redeem them for a spectacular haul of 17 salon essentials, valued at over £200, completely free of charge. His experience is a testament to the hidden gems within the Pawsh Perks program. Inspired by this, Stephen is now keenly saving points for his next major order, demonstrating the program's value in long-term customer engagement.

Victoria's Delightful Discovery: Victoria, known as Top Dog among the Christies community, shares a similar story of unexpected joy. A customer for over ten years, Victoria had accumulated a significant amount of Paw Points without regular tracking. Her pleasant surprise came when she realised she could redeem these points for a coveted pair of scissors, priced at £239, without spending a penny. As a Top Dog member, Victoria enjoys additional benefits like a 10% discount on all orders, early access to sales, exclusive products, and more. Her experience highlights the multifaceted advantages of being a Pawsh Perks member, combining both savings and exclusive access to premium products.

Why Choose Pawsh Perks?

Pawsh Perks stands out as a loyalty program that genuinely values its members. It's not just about points and purchases; it's about creating a community of satisfied customers who feel valued and rewarded. Whether you're stocking up on salon essentials or eyeing a special product, Pawsh Perks makes each purchase count.

The Pawsh Perks loyalty scheme is more than just a program; it's a pathway to a rewarding shopping experience. Inspired by customer stories like Stephen's and Victoria's, it's clear that being a part of Pawsh Perks means joining a community of savvy shoppers who understand the value of every pound spent. Sign up today, and start transforming your purchases into points and your points into exclusive rewards!