Maria Bjorn: Why Happy Hoodies are my Hero

Maria Bjorn: Why Happy Hoodies are my Hero
Maria Bjorn: Why Happy Hoodies are my Hero

maria bjorn with happy hoodie


Happy Hoodies are a dog groomer’s best friend - at least this groomer. I’ve been using Happy Hoodies with every single dog since I opened my own grooming salon. Not only do they make drying quicker, they’re also great at calming nervous dogs. And as we’re approaching end of year celebrations, fireworks are a constant occurrence in the evenings.


what is a happy hoodie


What is a happy hoodie?


So, what is a Happy Hoodie? In its simplicity, it is a stretchy and absorbent hood that goes over a dog’s head and ears. For a dog groomer, this is an invaluable tool during the drying process. It starts absorbing water off the coat around the head while the groomer is drying the body and legs. Past that, it can be a great comfort to a dog, as it muffles the sound of the very loud dryers and is almost like a constant cuddle due to the snug fit of the hoodie. This can help relax anxious dogs and make the drying process much more tolerable.


golden retriever wit text calming your dog


Calming your dog


Outside of the grooming world, fireworks are a very common occurrence at this time of year. The loud, unexpected bangs and flashes trigger a fight or flight response in many dogs and can have a very severe effect on a dog. This could be something as mild as barking but can cause a full-blown panic attack. While a Happy Hoodie may not be a complete fix, the muffling and hugging effect may help. You can also get different kind of calming tablets and sprays (such as Vetiq Serene-Um), but these do take a bit of time to kick in and they must be administered BEFORE the dog is in a state of stress.


great dane with text keeping your dog safe


Keeping your dog safe


Whatever your method is over the firework season, please make sure you are walking your dog during daylight hours and ensure that your garden is fully secure if your dog needs to go outside during the evening. So many dogs try to run away from danger when they’re frightened by fireworks, and you want to make sure your dog doesn’t run off in a panic and get lost. Keeping your worried dog as comfortable as possible is all you can do, and hope that they settle and recover from a night of fear quickly.


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