Maria Bjorn: My Ultimate Christmas Wishlist

Maria Bjorn: My Ultimate Christmas Wishlist
Maria Bjorn: My Ultimate Christmas Wishlist

maria bjorn: my ultimate christmas wishlist

My Ultimate Christmas Wishlist


Christmas is often a time where family and friends get together to spoil their loved ones. For groomers this can mean family chipping in to buy an expensive bit of kit that otherwise would take a while to save up for.

I was actually challenged to come up with an ultimate wish list of my own this year! These are definitely items and products that hurt the wallet initially but are so worth it in the long run.


Chris christensen big g slicker


Chris Christensen Big G Slickers

I don’t think I’ve met a groomer who DOESN’T rave about the Chris Christensen Big G Slickers ! Groomers say how they work through even the thickest woolly coats with ease and seem to melt tangles so easily. The catch? They’re expensive! The smaller one retails for £60.96 and large for £62.95. I actually ended up using my Pawsh Perks points and treated myself to the small one just recently, and I can’t wait to try it out.


kenchii peacock scissors


Kenchii Peacock Scissors

Kenchii has recently released three beautiful two-toned scissors and called them Kenchii Peacock Scissor 8" Straight . The brand is well respected in the grooming world for their high quality products and is often on a lot of groomers’ wish lists all year round. At over £300 per pair of scissors they’re an investment, but highly worth it in the long run.


dezynadog amazing trix


DezynaDog Amazing Trix 5 Litre Refill

I quite honestly don’t know what kind of liquid magic is in a bottle of the DezynaDog Amazing Trix ! As a rule, we don’t dematt any dogs, but for any small tangles this spray is absolutely incredible. It also doubles up as a coat maintenance and conditioning spray, so can be used pretty universally on any dog. We sell the small 250ml spray bottles in our salon and are offering our customers refills at a reduced cost instead of buying a new bottle each time. This helps our customers save their money and also reduces the amount of waste that ends up at the tip.


oster pro 3000i clipper


Oster Pro 3000i Clippers

Honestly the Oster Pro 3000i Cordless Clipper are a pretty simple one - I like the look of them! I also think they’re much quieter than my trusted Heiniger Saphirs that I have used for years now. I just find it hard to justify spending money on another set of clippers when the ones I have are fantastic and work perfectly. So, if Santa left them under the tree this year, I wouldn’t be mad at all.


groom professional uv75 steriliser


Groom Professional UV75 Steriliser

The last item on my list is a bit of a boring one, but quite essential. I currently only have an ultrasonic cleaner that doesn’t fit my scissors in it completely, so I have to run them through the machine twice. Having a separate steriliser, such as the with large enough shelves for scissors would make my life so much easier!


What's on your Christmas wish list? Comment on this blog!


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