Is Dry Dog Food Healthier?

Is Dry Dog Food Healthier?
Is Dry Dog Food Healthier?

Is Dry Dog Food Healthier?


Getting your beloved pooch to eat can sometimes be quite the task. Some dogs are very picky about what they will munch down on, leading owners to give in to whatever they would rather eat. Much like children, what a dog wants to eat is usually not what is best for them. Often, they would rather have wet food over dry but is this the healthiest choice?


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What is the Difference Between Wet and Dry Food?


The major difference between wet and dry food is how they are processed. Wet food is made by grinding ingredients down. These are usually sources of protein like meat. A gravy is then added which usually contains various other minerals or vitamins. This mixture is cooked and sterilised, before being packaged into a sealed tray or can. This results in wet food having a much higher level of moisture, hence why it is ‘wet’.


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Dry food can often contain many of the same ingredients as wet food, such as meat which provides a source of protein. The main difference is that instead of adding gravy, dry food is reduced to a dough-like consistency that can be baked and shaped into the desired kibble. This kibble will then be dried and have various sprays such as oils and fats which add nutrients before it is packed.


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What are the Benefits of Dry Food?


There are a few reasons why dry food might be recommended ahead of wet food,

these are:


  • Pre-Portioning

Dry food can be pre-portioned beforehand as it will not spoil if left out during the day.


  • Dental Benefits

Since dry food is a kibble that has to be chewed it can help aid in preventing the build-up of tartar or periodontal disease.


  • Grazers

Some dogs are slow at eating and prefer to do so throughout their day. This is much easier with dry food that can sit out for much longer without spoiling.


  • Financial

Obviously, the cost of food depends on the brand but generally buying dry food in larger bulk bags can be a more financially feasible option.


  • Fibre

Often dry dog foods will be made with more fibre. This is useful for the digestive system and helps them to create a fatty acid that prevents the overgrowth of bad bacteria.


What Dry Food Can I Buy?


If this blog has inspired you to make the switch to dry food, then we have a fantastic option. The brand-new premium dog food Kilconway is available in both a grain-free and superfood, allowing you to pick the type that best suits your dog. It is available for every type of dog, from puppies to adults, seniors, and even small dogs! The range of flavours will also ensure you can provide variety or find the perfect choice for a fussy eater!


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If this wasn't enough there are even treats with various benefits –


Selection of Treats


Hopefully, your dog will soon receive the benefits of dry food. If your fussy eater doesn’t thank you for making the change their teeth and digestive system certainly will!

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