How to Froth Dog Grooming Shampoo with Nature's Specialties

How to Froth Dog Grooming Shampoo with Nature's Specialties
How to Froth Dog Grooming Shampoo with Nature's Specialties

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Frothing: Shampoo Suds With Sustenance.

Everyone is getting into a right spin over one of the biggest trends in the grooming industry right now… Frothing. We decided to see what all the fuss was about over this frugal fun, bath time trend sweeping salons. Giving you everything you need to know about this bubbly business booster, including our highly recommended shampoo and some top tips for trying out this trending technique.


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What is frothing?

Pay attention at the back, here comes the science bit… To fully understand what frothing is, we must first understand shampoo…So what is shampoo exactly? And how does it form bubbles? “Many shampoos are made up as emulsions – mixtures of oil drops in water. The proteins within the shampoo act as emulsifiers, forming a film or skin around oil droplets, that leads to textural and structural changes in the shampoo, which gives it that thicker consistency. Think of it like a salad dressing. When you give it a shake, oil drops become distributed throughout the water, giving the dressing a creamy texture.


Every shampoo contains emulsifiers, which is why you will always see suds. In fact, it’s the bubbles within the shampoo that allows you to lift the dirt from the dog’s coat. However, it’s the manner in which you mix the shampoo and the water that ultimately distinguishes between a frothed and non-frothed shampoo. Frothing dog grooming shampoo is an innovative method in which these emulsifiers are activated within the shampoo causing a thick foam to form. The easiest way to visualise this is by saying “foam first, instead of fluid first”.


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Why froth?

The biggest benefit of frothing is that significantly less shampoo spills down the sink meaning much easier portion control of product use per pooch. The foamy mixture sticks to the dog’s coat much better than standard shampoo, meaning that when you apply it, more stays on the dog and less goes down the drain. These savings also apply to water as Frothing the shampoo will cut down on your water usage, so if you’re a mobile groomer or have a high-water bill, this could be for you!


Due to it staying on the coat better, it’s also a fantastic method for spot cleaning. If you have any dogs in your salon with tough stains, you can concentrate the soapy shampoo directly to that area, with the suds staying at the point of the stain. Frothing the shampoo is also fantastic for dogs who have a coat that water simply washes over and struggles to penetrate through, such as those thicker coated or double coated breeds. Frothed shampoo can be used on a wide variety of dogs and utilised on either dry coats or wet coats, meaning that if the coat doesn’t take easily to water, you can still get the shampoo to break down the dirt, without having to wet the dog first.


In addition, it can also be a massive money saver for your salon. One drop of shampoo goes a long, long way… in fact, one teaspoon of Nature's Specialties Froth Tails Shampoo  makes around 32 ounces of froth! This means that with one teaspoon of shampoo, you should be able to wash two small dogs.


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How do you froth?

Frothing the shampoo may seem like a daunting task but frothing can be done with some simple kitchen utensils found from your home!


Frothing with a gym shaker.

If you’re a gym addict, then you will definitely have a gym shaker, often used to shake protein powder drinks.


  1. Add shampoo to the shaker and like with normal shampooing, add the correct amount of shampoo depending on the dilution rate of the water.

  2. Then add water to the shampoo in the shaker (We’d recommend using a maximum of 4 ounces of water.)

  3. Finally, simply shake the mixture until you see that most of it has become foam and there is no liquid sloshing around inside the bottle.


Frothing with a milk frother

If coffee calls your name, then you’ll be familiar with a milk frother. This is a simple battery powered whisk, which is commonly used to create thick, frothy milk.


  1. Place 4 ounces of water into a large jug

  2. Then add the recommended amount of shampoo, and like with normal shampooing, add the correct amount of shampoo depending on the dilution rate of the water.

  3. Place the milk frothing whisk into the mixture at a slight angle and turn it on, within a few seconds you should see the mixture foaming and frothing.

  4. Take care to not over mix (when the consistency becomes too brittle like washing up liquid) as you will reduce the effectiveness of the frothing formulation.


natures specialties froth tails


Natures Specialties Froth Tails

When it comes to frothing, you can use any shampoo. However, the Nature's Specialties Froth Tails range was formulated with frothing in mind and by having such a high Sud count, (even without frothing it) you can still save on your shampoo.


It comes in three tantalisingly tipsy scents, Summertime Sangria , Tangerine Gin Fizz   and Strawberry Frose , meaning your salon will smell of sweet fruit while you Sud.


The beauty of this shampoo is that even without frothing, it works wonders for a dog’s coat. This deep cleaning shampoo contains Avocado Oil and Olive Oil, making it rich with vitamins that will nourish and moisturise the dog’s coat. The olive acts to penetrate the hair shaft, this then allows the avocado oil, which contains high levels of fat, to go into the hair, conditioning and strengthening the hair from within.


To top it off, this shampoo has a dilution rate of 50:1, making it a real money saver in your salon. Available in 473ml, 946ml and 4l options.




Not ready to take the plunge into frothing but want more lather? Warm water also activates emulsifiers, so mix your shampoo with warmer water to get those bubbles brewing!

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