Leah Mayman How To Do Top Knots on Your Dog

Leah Mayman How To Do Top Knots on Your Dog
Leah Mayman How To Do Top Knots on Your Dog



How do you do a top knot? Well, there are definitely right and wrong ways of doing it. It is imperative to your dog’s safety to make sure you do it correctly whether you’re an owner or groomer. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on everything you need to know about topknots.


What you will need:

Slicker brush

Pin tail comb (I use the ShowTech one)

Elastic bands




Step one:

Make sure to brush out the hair with a slicker and comb through to ensure it is knot-free.



Step Two:

Part the hair into a front section. Using the tail end of the pin tail comb, make an even front section. I usually do it from the front inner corner of each eye for the first one. Make sure to not take too much from behind so it can lay flat on the head as it will lean forward or become too bulky if there is too much hair.



Step Three:

Figure out where you would like to place the elastic band. To figure this out you need to make sure the hair is not so tight that it pulls on the head and that you can put your thumb and forefinger between the head and elastic. This is essential, as making it too tight will be uncomfortable for the dog and can cause a restriction of blood flow, which in some cases had resulted in permanent scarring and a bald spot.



Step Four:

Lots of groomers will use a haemostat to add the elastic in. However, I prefer to tie it by hand. This is so that I can keep control of the tension and not make it too tight.


Step Five:

Once your elastic is in, it’s time to section your next piece. For this particular style, I part down the middle and comb the hair to either side. You can use clips to help you keep this in place.




Step Six:

Section either side, again making sure to not take too much from behind to make sure that the hair sits back and for the hair to be comfortable. Add in your elastic following the previous steps. I follow the hair back swapping from one side to the other to create an even style.



You can now repeat this process as much as you like into various formations. Lots of people like to put in a single top knot, for that, I recommend a large section going from the outer corner to the outer corner of the eyes, yet still making sure to not take too much from the back. If you’re wanting to add a bow, I recommend putting in your elastic first. This will hold much better, and you will be able to put the top knot in a more accurate position. This will make the style hold for longer and keep an even tension.




Here are some other styles I have done on Ivy and other clients:


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