Geib Gold Rainbow Kiss Scissor Range

Geib Gold Rainbow Kiss Scissor Range
Geib Gold Rainbow Kiss Scissor Range

Where Style Meets Practicality 

Discover the Geib Rainbow Kiss scissor range - the perfect cutting tool for the professional groomer. Created from high-quality materials and designed with precision following years of extensive research from Edward Geib, these striking scissors offer superior cutting performance and style.

For any professional groomer looking for the perfect cutting tool to enhance your grooming skills, look no further than the Geib Rainbow Kiss scissor range. Crafted from high-quality materials, the Geib Rainbow Kiss scissor range is built to last. Edward Geib devoted his whole life to the development and improvement of scissors for hair cutting, so you can rest assured you are getting something really special. Geib Rainbow Kiss Straight Scissors are designed by groomers for groomers offering incomparable balance, weight and feel, quality and super stylish scissors at an outstanding price


Rainbow Kiss blades are made from highly durable stainless steel, and the handles are crafted from comfortable, ergonomic materials that offer a secure grip. This means that you can work with these scissors for extended periods without experiencing discomfort or fatigue. A major plus! 


What sets the Geib Rainbow Kiss scissor range apart is its unique design. Coming in a variety of bright, vibrant colours including blue, pink, green, and purple, making them a stylish addition to any professional grooming kit. Plus, the rainbow finish on the blades gives them a distinctive look that is sure to catch the eye and one to proudly display in your salon.


But the Geib Rainbow Kiss scissor range isn't just about style - it's also about performance. Edward Geib made sure these scissors are designed with precision in mind, allowing you to make clean, accurate cuts every time. Whether you're working with a think coat or fine hair, these scissors can handle any grooming job with ease and comfort. 


Overall, the Geib Rainbow Kiss scissor range is an excellent investment for any professional groomer looking to enhance their skills and stand out from the crowd. With their high-quality materials, precision design, and unique style, these scissors are sure to become a staple in your grooming kit.  Check out the Geib Rainbow Kiss scissor range today and take your grooming skills to the next level!