What Can I purchase with my Paw Points?

What Can I purchase with my Paw Points?
What Can I purchase with my Paw Points?

What can I purchase with my paw points

Paw Points

Every time you shop directly with Christies Direct online, over the telephone or at a show or event you earn Paw Points.

The number of points you earn each calendar year decides which Pawsh Perks tier you are in, and each tier comes with a tonne of great perks for you.

As well as boosting your Pawsh Perks status your Paw Points are saved and available to spend on your wish list items over the phone with our friendly customer care team, or online at chrsitiesdirect.com. It’s really straightforward, and a great way to treat yourself!

This month we’ve spoken to some of our customers who have recently used their Paw Points to treat themselves to some great products and we hope this gives you some ideas about how to spend yours.



Mum and daughter team, Elizabeth and Joy of Perfect Dogs have been shopping with Christies Direct for nearly 17 years.  They used their Paw Points to get two Andis Ultraedge Agc2 Speed Brushless Clippers (worth £134.95 each) completely FREE!  Elizabeth said she had been saving the points as she didn’t want to spend them on smaller items, as personally, she didn’t see the benefit in that. After her big spend, she has decided to start saving for another bigger ticket item, possibly some grooming accessories as she is currently refreshing her salon. When asked about our Pawsh Perks loyalty scheme Elizabeth said she thinks ‘it’s a fantastic idea … There’s no other company out there who would hand over 2 clippers just for being loyal, thank you”

Andis Free with Paw Points

Pack Member Stephen has been shopping with Christies Direct for 9 years and hadn’t really paid much attention to the Paw Points he was gathering but when he noticed his total on his online account he was able to use them to get an order of 17 salon essentials worth over £200 for FREE, a great way to restock his salon after lockdown. He has said he will now start saving Paw Points again to use on a wish list item or maybe to get another big order for free.


Top Dog Victoria has been a Christies Direct customer for 10 years.  She hadn’t been keeping track of her points but had her eye on a pair of .  When she noticed her paw points total on her online account she was delighted to be able to get the scissors for FREE (RRP £239.00).  As a Top Dog Victoria enjoys 10% discount on all her orders, early access to sales and exclusive products along with lots more perks.  She said ‘The Pawsh Perks loyalty scheme is a really great idea. I love my free gifts and discounts.”

Kenchii scissors

Whether you are a new customer or you've been shopping with us for a while, we've put together a catalogue of our top 10 products in some different points brackets so you can treat yourself. 


Christies Direct Products

If you have any questions about our Pawsh Perks loyalty scheme or want to check how many points you have please contact our Customer Care Team on +44 28276 66879 or log into your account online at christiesdirect.com and your points total will show in the top right-hand corner for the screen. 


Shop with your paw points

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