Video Blog - Top Products for Grooming Wool Coated Dogs

Video Blog - Top Products for Grooming Wool Coated Dogs
Video Blog - Top Products for Grooming Wool Coated Dogs

Our 2020 Brand Ambassador, Michael Shiels came into the studio to tell us about a few of his favourite products, and why he uses them in his salon. 

If you didn’t catch everything in the video here are the highlights:

Groom Professional Spectrum Aluminium Comb 

This 80/20 comb is dual purpose.  The wide tooth end is great for pulling out the coat, while the thin toothed end is perfect for lifting out any knots, especially after bathing.

Groom Professional Wooden Poodle Comb

The wooden handled wide-toothed comb is great for top knots, as well as flicking out the coat. 

If your dog has a thick coat around the legs this comb will still get around them easily. It’s also great for getting the coat to stand prior to scissoring.

Groom Professional Amplifier Firm Slicker Brush

As the name suggests this one has an amplifying effect. It’s great on the poodle coat, and on any woolly, thick coats.

It’s durable, making it perfect for everyday use in the salon, especially when brushing out against the hair as you are drying it. It will easily remove tats and separate out the hair.


There are 3 shampoos perfect for the wool coat.  

DeZynaDog Magic Formula Protein Plus High Volume Shampoo 

A personal favourite, this shampoo is used on Michael’s own dogs as well as any show dogs he is grooming in the salon.  Bath the dog in it twice, using a loofah to scrub the coat. It will add plenty of spring to the coat.

Groom Professional Big & Beautiful Volumising Shampoo

Suitable for everyday grooming of wool coated dogs, to add volume and spring.

iGroom Vavoom Volumizer Shampoo

This shampoo adds body and volume, while the lightweight conditioner keeps the coat healthy without weighing it down.

Wahl 8 Piece Metal Comb Guide Set 

A little box of magic for groomers. The Wahl comb attachments are steel with a plastic colour coded top.  This makes them easier to identify, particularly for students who are learning, rather relying on the measurements. 

The blades glide through the coat easily making them suitable for everyday use.

Andis Pulse ZRII Cordless Clipper 

This popular clipper is fast and powerful with 5-speed settings.  It works perfectly with the Wahl comb attachments mentioned above.

If you are looking for a clipper that won’t leave lines in the coat once you are finished this is perfect for you. 

Michael wouldn’t clip a wool coated dog without the Andis Pulse ZR11.

Blue Quartz Scissors 

After the coat has been clipped, it should be finished with a scissor to dust over the coat and give it a smooth finish.

Whether its a chunker for blending, a curved blade for the head or a straight pair for general bodywork, Michael opted for the Groom Professional Blue Quartz range.



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