Spring Grooming Tips

Spring Grooming Tips
Spring Grooming Tips

Spring Grooming Essentials

Spring Dog Grooming Tips

In winter dogs grow heavier coats to protect them from the elements but come spring, your customers will start to notice more hair around the house as their pets lose this winter coat ready for the warmer weather of spring and summer.  Particularly this year as groomers reopen for general grooming after many weeks of welfare appointments only, you want to be fully stocked with everything you’ll need to de-shed, cleanse coats, clean ears and eyes, trim nails, and ensure your clients’ pooches leave feeling refreshed and spring ready.

Here are some of our Spring dog salon essentials to stock up on today.

Dog Grooming Tools

Dog Grooming Tools

Slicker Brushes are a fantastic workhorse tool for your salon, but something like the Groom Professional Curved Firm slicker is perfect for removing not only hair from a shedding dog before you bathe them, but also to tackle tangles in the coat. The Groom Professional Amplifier has longer pins, so it’s perfect for longer, denser coats.  If the dog has sensitive skin the DezynaDog Soft Stroke Gentle Slicker features soft pads and pins which will not further irritate their skin.


For dogs with more severe matting, you will need a de-matting comb or a matt breaker.  The Groom Professional Dematting comb will help you cut through tougher matts with ease.  It’s got an ergonomic handle and a sturdy thumb rest so you can apply more pressure without losing grip. For a more persistent matt, the Groom Professional Matt breaker can be used.

Grooming Shampoos

Dog Grooming Shampoos

Like us, the winter weather can leave a dog’s skin and coat dry so when they visit for their spring groom, you might want to use a more nourishing, moisturising shampoo to revitalise the coat and bring it back to life.  Ingredients like Argan oil, coconut, and colloidal Oatmeal are great to hydrate and nourish the coat.

As dogs are outside more as the weather heats up, make sure you have a good stock of deep cleaning and deodorising shampoos to deal with any pongy pooches, or mucky pups.

Removing all the dead hair will also help with the coat condition and we have a selection of deshedding shampoo.  Massage the shampoo into the coat for not only a deep clean but also to assist with removal of the loose dead hair.

Flea and Tick Shampoos

Flea and Tick Shampoos

Flea and Tick shampoos are especially important as dogs get back outside more and the risk of getting bitten increases.  All the shampoos in the Tropiclean range contain neem oil which is not only anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and great for skin irritations, but it is also a natural remedy to repel and remove ticks and fleas. Their range of shampoos also target other issues such as shedding, itch relief, and moisturising.  Also check out Groom Professional’s Bye Bye Buzz range. 

This range is suitable for all coat types and includes shampoo and coat spray.  The cleansing shampoo also contains coconut oil to nourish skin and coat.  The Bye Bye Buss Spray makes a perfect retail item for this season.  Encourage your customers to purchase and use it before they take their dogs outside.  It contains a unique blend of citronella, tea tree oil, lavender oil, and chrysanthemum oil to keep fleas and other insects away.   


Groom Professional Colognes

I don’t know about you, springtime makes me think of fruity and fresh scents so why not pick up a selection of colognes as the perfect finish to your groom.  These are great items to retail to your customers when they come to collect their dogs.


General Checks

Pet care products

During the winter many pet owners may not continue with regular appointments and with the restrictions over the last few months, you may be seeing some dogs for the first time in a long time. As you are grooming, it is good to do a general overall check of the dog for irritations and infections that the pet owner may not have spotted.  You can then refer them to the vet should this be required.


While maintaining the coat is important for a dog’s overall wellbeing you should check other areas of the dog while grooming to ensure they are healthy and clear – clean ears, eyes, trim nails (these may have been worn down less as the dogs may have spent more time indoors during the cold winter weather), check pads for dry spots and clean teeth.


Customer Tips

  • Encourage your customers to keep grooming appointments as their dog sheds, avoid matts and keep the dog’s coat healthy.
  • Encourage brushing at home to help evenly distribute natural oils through the coat.  Why not retail some brushes in your grooming salon to help your customers with this.
  • Remind your customers that a shorter coat means the dog’s skin is more exposed to the sun and could risk sunburn.
  • Ensure your customers know the importance of keeping their dogs hydrated as the weather heats up. 
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