It's Time for the Big Clean

It's Time for the Big Clean
It's Time for the Big Clean

Dog Salon Big Clean

Lockdown took its toll on everyone’s motivation for even the simplest tasks, but Spring is here, and while we are enjoying the longer brighter days we also need to think about the BIG clean.  While cleaning is an ongoing task in your salon, a deep clean is something worth scheduling, because before you know it your salon will be busier than ever, and the moment will have passed.  So, get your favourite Spotify playlist on, or click here to listen to our Salon Cleaning Playlist as chosen by the Christies Direct team, and get started!


You may not have time to tackle your salon deep clean in one go so you could zone your salon off and tackle different areas with the time you do have.  I personally like the idea of getting stuck into the whole project and would find deep satisfaction in seeing it through ‘til it sparkles!  

Firstly, once the music is pumping, gather all the products and tools you will need, including masks, gloves etc.  You might want to give your vacuum a clean before you start to remove hair and dirt so that it has maximum suction and doesn’t leave a bad smell.

Decluttering is my next tip.  Remove old magazines from waiting areas, decorations, empty bottles of product, scraps of paper, and dead plants. This means you can easily get at all surfaces to give them a good clean. Remove any frames or certificates hanging on the wall so you can clean these and the wall behind them.  We know that hair gets everywhere when we blast, and this is just one of the places it will get trapped.

I would recommend cleaning from top to bottom, there is no point spending ages scrubbing the floor to then knock a lot of dust and dander from your ceiling lights all over your shiny tiles. While you are up high, make sure to clean ceiling fans, any vents, and smoke or CO detectors that might have collected not only dust but hair. It is worth testing and maybe replacing batteries in your smoke and CO detector too!

Make sure you move and lift everything, don’t wipe around something but not under it - if we’re going to do this, let’s do it properly! If you can, move heavy furniture and clean walls and the floor behind and under where they sat- you might find a horrible mix of hair and gunk behind your bathing station, which may smell or will eventually, so let’s get rid of it!

Walls will also need to be cleaned as dander and dirt are blown from the coat while washing and blasting, so make sure you wipe these down too.

A quick trick for brightening your salon is to give your windows a good clean inside and out – you will instantly let more light in, and the space will feel fresher.  Make sure to wipe down your blinds and shades as well.

We have several disinfectants suitable for cleaning different areas of your salon. All the products shared in this blog post are safe for use around animals but ensure you read the labels for dilution rates and rules on mixing with other cleaning products.  

Groom Professional Hyperclens


Groom Professional Hyperclens - This best-seller has proven not only to be a great cleaner but also an effective disinfectant for grooming salons, with assured efficacy against numerous viruses, including Canine Parvovirus, fungi, and bacteria.  It can be used on all hard surfaces and any non-slip flooring that you may have in your salon. You can dilute it in a spray bottle to clean surfaces like grooming tabletops or reception counters, you can mop or wipe with it, and rinsing is not required.  For general areas, dilute at 1:50, high-risk areas such as grooming tables and kennels, dilute at 1:25.  You can also use Hyperclens to clean food and water bowls, diluted at 1:50, but make sure these are rinsed throughout with clean water after disinfection. Hyperclens is compliant with the current EU Biocidal Products Regulations and CLP guidelines. 

Hyperclens surface spray – With the popularity of the Hyperclens formula we wanted to create an easy-to-use version with the same great cleaning and disinfecting power but without the need to dilute.  The Hyperclens surface spray is a great everyday cleaner in an aerosol can that you can use on surfaces in your salon, in between grooms, or at the end of the day.  It has a fresh lemon scent and will leave behind a sterile and super clean surface.  This product does not contain any bleach.  Simply spray on the surface, leave for around 5 minutes, then wipe off with a clean cloth. 



Zoflora – If you have missed the Zoflora craze – where have you been hiding??  Zoflora is a multipurpose concentrated disinfectant that can be used to clean many different areas of your home or salon.  It kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and is great for eliminating bad smells and comes in a range of gorgeous long-lasting scents.  You can dilute Zoflora in a spray bottle and use it to clean surfaces, mix it in a bucket to clean and disinfect floors, or use it to clean containers such as your bin.  This product is safe for use around pets, but you must make sure surfaces are fully dry before allowing dogs on or near them. This April you will receive a free Zoflora spray bottle with any order for Zolfora.

Clean Your Bin with Zoflora video 

SurSol – This non-toxic non-flammable disinfectant is safe to use on all hard surfaces.  It eliminates 99.9% of gems and bacterial and is also great at removing stubborn stains.  It is alcohol-free and water-based so safe for all hard surfaces and grooming tables.  This product continues to kill germs on a hard surface for up to 4 hours after use without reapplication, so it is great for using on touchpoints in your salon throughout the day. This product is safe for use around pets, but you must make sure surfaces are fully dry before allowing dogs on or near them.



You will already be regularly cleaning your touchpoints with a disinfectant and as more normality returns and lockdown restrictions ease, we would encourage you to keep this up.  If you would like some advice on how to prevent the spread of Covid19 in your salon complete our short course: Christies Direct Covid-19 Certification for Pet Grooming Professionals,  This FREE course covers the most current information provided by CDC, WHO, and CFSG (dated 12th March 2021).  Along with the infection control information you will have covered as part of your grooming training we hope that this presentation will ensure best practices in your grooming business and demonstration to your customers and colleagues that you are dedicated to creating as safe an environment as possible at this time. If you pass the exam, you will receive a certificate to display in your salon.

If you have a washing machine and tumble dryer in the salon, pick up a washing machine cleaner to refresh the drum and remove any lint from your tumble dryer as this can not only leave clothes smelling musty but is also a fire risk.  As we head into warmer weather and start to think about flea and tick prevention why not add Petcare by Groom Professional Flea and Tick Laundry treatment to your next order.  It is perfect for use on towels, pet bedding, and clothing in the salon.  It will not only kill bacteria and wash away all fleas and ticks but it will also remove bad odours and leave everything smelling fresh and springy!


Once you’ve finished cleaning it is time to organise your tools, checking for any damaged items, such as combs with missing teeth and damaged pins on brushes that would hurt a dog. You might want to invest in some new storage for your tools and scissors to make sure they are on hand when you need them, this will save you some time during each groom.  


Our final step is to imagine walking in as a customer - what do you see, smell, and notice first? Cleanliness will support your professionalism and your customers will notice this.  With this BIG clean you might want to rearrange the salon to give it a fresh look for your customers.  Hang your grooming qualifications, awards, and your Christies Direct Covid Safety certificate with pride in a place your customers will see. Why not add some flowers or a plant (consider faux if you want it to be green and fresh all year round without any maintenance) and consider adding some retail items in your customer area or making more of a feature of these items near your till or reception desk to encourage sales.



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