From Pup Star to Pro Groomer with Christies Direct

From Pup Star to Pro Groomer with Christies Direct
From Pup Star to Pro Groomer with Christies Direct

A Career In Dog Grooming

If you are an animal lover, the chance to spend time with pets every day as your job seems like the dream!  Choosing to become a professional pet groomer is a fantastic career path for people with a genuine passion for animals, who have a creative flair and are great with people.

Your daily activities will ensure your furry clients are well taken care of and you will help ensure regular grooming is part of each pet’s routines leaving healthy and happy dogs.

Here are some top qualities of great groomers.

Excellent Communicator - Although you spend most of your time with animals it is important to be able to clearly communicate with their owners to determine what they want, and ensure they know their dog will be safe in your hands.  Focusing on your customer service will result in happy customers who will share your business with their friends, and this will help your business grow.

Good Hand-Eye Co-ordination – Your hands are your tools and it is important not only to have good hand-eye coordination but to have good flexibility and dexterity.  For tips on how to look after your hands and prolong your career check out our blog post

Let's Get Organised!


Patience & A Good Dog Handler – It is important to be patient in the salon.  Some grooming activities can take a long time, for example hand stripping.  To get the best finish possible it is important to be patient and ensure you’ve allowed enough time in that appointment.  You may encounter anxious dogs or dogs with challenging behaviours.  In order to groom efficiently, having the knowledge and ability to manage these dogs on the grooming table is essential.

Precision and Attention to Detail – Grooming is more than just making a pet look nice and smell fresh. Groomers must pay close attention to the pet’s skin, coat condition, and ears, eyes, nails and teeth. Some areas of a dog are more sensitive such as face, feet and groin, so a steady hand, precision, and attention to detail will ensure you get the best finish on those areas and the dog in your care will feel at ease.

Passion to Continually Develop your Grooming Knowledge – The grooming industry is constantly evolving with new skills, new tools, and new styles.  To be successful as a groomer it is important to continue to develop your expertise so that you are offering the most up-to-date and efficient service to your customer. You will also encounter lots of different dog breeds, coat types, and coat and skin issues as a groomer – so be prepared that every day will be a school day!


  • The Trainers and Tutors - What experience and qualifications do they have?  Tutors should hold at least a Level 3 qualification in grooming as well as a teacher qualification.  Being able to successfully train other groomers is a totally different skill to being able to groom well. 
  • Look for Schools that are Active in the Grooming Industry – The grooming industry is continually changing and developing.  There are new tools and styles and skills are evolving to make services more efficient, and your tutor should be able to give you the most current information. Schools should also have well maintained up-to-date equipment
  • What Will you Learn? The course should cover all aspects of grooming - different grooming technics, breed standards, and tools, as well as elements like the handing of challenging dogs, dog health and anatomy, and health and safety in the salon.  The course may also include businesses information which will ensure you have the best start. You may want to look into additional courses in Canine First Aid.

Hand Hygiene


Pup Star Perks

First thing’s first, when you begin your grooming training you can register with Christies Direct as a Pup Star, our Student tier which is part of our Pawsh Perks scheme.  This membership will last for up to 2 years and offer you a whole host of great benefits to help you get started in your new career.  Your perks as a Pup Star include 10% discount on all your orders, a free gift each month, double points bonuses, access to limited edition products, and early access to sales.

What are the Perks?


All Christies Direct customers earn Paw Points with every purchase and you can save these points up and use them to purchase items from us to help with your training or to start up your first salon. We keep an eye on how many points your earn and if you earn 2000 points in a single calendar year you will automatically become a Top Dog – our Christies Direct VVIPs, for the next full year and enjoy all the benefits you had as a Pup Star Plus more – including the chance to win in our quarterly 5* draw!

We understand how confusing it can be starting out with so many product and tools options available but don’t worry, we are here to help.  Our Customer Care Team are always happy to help and will ask the right questions and share all the information you’ll need to make the best choice for you as you start your training. 

These are some of our Pup Stars favourite products:

Pup Star Favourite Products

We have also put together the ultimate student starter kit.  This 24-piece kit includes all your salon essentials and will cover dog grooming from head to paw! You’ll save 10% on this kit and if you’re a registered Pup Star you’ll get a further 10% off!!

Student Starter Kit


As well support from our Customer Care Team and great offers for students, we also share educational videos on YouTube every week.  We cover product reviews and advice on grooming different coat types.  We also have some fantastic videos with advice and demonstrations from our Brand Ambassador and top grooming trainer Michael Shiels.   

Christies Direct Media



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