Facial Care for Dogs

Facial Care for Dogs
Facial Care for Dogs

Facial Care for dogs

Dog faces are capable of communicating a wide range of emotions and they have the power to touch us on an elementary level. They are also prone to getting dirty. A dog puts his nose into everything from soil, rubbish and in food bowls. So it’s important to keep facial areas clean too. 


The ideal time to wash your dog’s face and eyes is at bath time, however, there are many times when a dog needs a quick touch-up on his face and around his eyes.  Below are some tips to help with casual face grooming;


Use a soft, clean washcloth or sponge, moisten the cloth or sponge with room-temperature water, Use just enough water to get the job done. If you oversaturate the cloth or sponge, your dog will feel soggy and may baulk at having his face cleaned. You want your dog to feel as comfortable as possible.


You could also opt for pre-moistened wipes, some people use pre-moistened wipes because of their convenience, however, you need to make sure the ingredients in the solution don’t irritate your dog. If you want to use a pre-moistened wipe, make sure you stick to products that are specifically made for dogs.


Be gentle but firm, use only as much force as necessary to soften and dislodge bits of food or dirt in your dog’s facial area. It’s is recommended to make several soft strokes than one or two more forceful swipes which can be very off-putting for your dog. If an area is proving stubborn, use a little more water to moisten it. Then remove.

Tip: You can also offer a facial massage/spa treatment for your dog whilst grooming to help relax and cleanse at the same time.