Blog - Meet the Team and their Top Picks

Blog - Meet the Team and their Top Picks
Blog - Meet the Team and their Top Picks


We recently asked some of the team here at Christies Direct to tell us which of our products they love using on their own pets.

Of course, everyone wanted to have their pets feature in our blog, but you'd be reading all day if that was the case! So we have narrowed it down to a select eight! 

Read on to meet the team and their precious pets....

Nadine and Jilly


Nadine, from our Digital Marketing team uses EPO Repair on her Lhasso Apso, Jilly.  We all know that Evening Primrose Oil is known for its healing benefits, particularly when it comes to skin health, and this is no different for our dogs.

Our EPO Spray has been formulated with an added conditioner to help those with a dry coat and skin.  It will leave coats full of shine and static free and skin moisture-rich.

What Nadine had to say:

"I love using the Evening Primrose Oil Spray on Jilly before I brush her. Not only does it smell AMAZING, but it is a great conditioner for her skin and her coat. I always spray her coat before brushing to stop the hair breaking, and love that EPO Repair gives her coat a beautiful shine and reduces the static on her hair too! I like to brush Jilly with the Groom Professional curved slicker brush. I find it so easy to brush hard to reach areas with the curved head, and she loves a good scratch too!!

*EPO Repair is suitable for all breeds

Steffan and Arlo


Arlo is the newest arrival in the Christies Family.  The three-month-old Cockapoo puppy calls our Sales Executive, Steffan, daddy. 

Starting as he means to go on Steffan uses the Groom Professional Pin Slicker on Arlo to get him used to grooming from an early age.

“I love using the Groom Professional Ball pin slicker on my little cockapoo, Arlo. The pins have little balls at the end to protect his young skin and I wanted his first grooming brush to be really enjoyable for him so he likes it when he gets older. It removes any little matts and tangles and leaves his coat so fluffy. The only downside is Arlo think its a chew toy and sometimes would rather chase me when I have it than let me brush him!”

*Also suitable for dogs with sensitive skin.


Tori and Charlie 


Tori, from our Multimedia team, loves our Mulled Orange Seasonal Scent, and so does her fur baby Charlie.

With traditional orange, cinnamon and nutmeg this cologne has been one of our festive best sellers. It is perfect for all coats and breeds.

What Tori had to say:

“I LOVE when the build-up to Christmas starts so I can bring out my favourite groom professional festive scent- mulled orange! It's cinnamon, warm scent is the perfect way to get in the Christmas spirit and Charlie loves it too! Not only does the shampoo leave Charlie's curly coat soft and easy to manage it deep cleanses, meaning the muck from the fields is gone so easy and the cologne to match means the scent lasts ages! If I could get away with using it all year round I would!"

*Our colognes are suitable for use on all breeds.


Amy and Mia



Amy, our Events Guru, has a 4-year-old Westie called Mia.  Like most Westies, Mia suffers from sensitive skin. Because of this Amy loves using the Groom Professional Tea Tree Shampoo on her.  The oil is an antiseptic bactericide which heals scalp irritations and improves condition.

“I have tried so many different products to try and get Mia’s skin under control as she bites at it terribly when it flares up.  I have found that Tea Tree Oil calms her skin considerably.  The added bonus is that it smells amazing and leaves her coat in fantastic condition."

*Also suitable for all dogs with sensitive skin.


Deborah and Douglas


Deborah from our Sales Team is proud mummy to daughter Caoimhe and Pug Douglas. 

When asked which product she couldn't live without, Deborah was quick to tell us about the Shed Stopper.

“As a pug owner, I am constantly going round brushing/hoovering my floors and cleaning my clothes down with a lint roller. Since I started the use the GP shed stopper I have noticed a big difference in how much hair Douglas sheds, I brush him down every evening before his walk and he loves it. This product is a must for anyone with a short-coated breed.”

*Suitable for all short and medium coats.


Mark, Bear, and Bella


Our IT Technician Mark has two amazing Newfoundlands called Bella and Bear.  They are well known for their thick and extremely water-resistant coats to help them survive in cold water. Because their coats are soft and fluffy, they need to be brushed regularly to help with tangles, matts, and shedding.

Mark uses the Firm GP Amplifier Slicker Brush on his dogs.

“Bella and Bear are always up to no good. Running about the garden, digging in the forest and generally doing anything that will get them as dirty and messy as possible! To help remove any knots or debris they are brushed regularly with the amplifier slicker brush.  I’ve tried a few others but have found that the curved back on this one really gets through their thick coat and removes the knotts while keeping it full of volume. It's definitely a great brush for anyone who has a dog with a heavy coat.”

*Also suitable for Black Russian Terriers, St Bernards and heavy coasted Poodles.


Jemma, Sheldon, and Ellie


Sheldon & Ellie the Afghan Pups, live with our Communication Executive Jemma and her daughters Shannon and Rebecca. These elegant dogs are well known for having luxurious hair that is soft to touch and has a fine texture. 

Jemma uses ShowDog Dress Rehearsal Shampoo on the pups. 

"They will both be show dogs when they grow up and will require a lot of grooming. So to prepare their coat from an early age they are bathed in Show Dog ‘Dress Rehearsal’ Shampoo which keeps it soft, well conditioned and shiny.  As the coat grows this shampoo is great at keeping the knotts and tangles to a minimum.   On their mother, I wouldn't be without the DezynaDog Amazing Trix spray.  Her long coat needs so much attention and this spray keeps it managable , helps with de-tangling and keeps the static to a minimum. I'd be lost without it between her professional grooms."

*Amazing Trix is suitable for all breeds.  Dress Rehearsal is more suited to show dogs


Ryan and Alfie


Alfie, the cutest cockapoo pup lives with Ryan, from our Ecommerce team.  This little rascal is only 5 months only but already loves to be groomed at home.  His trademark fluffy coat needs to be well maintained to avoid matting.

Ryan bathes Alfie in the Groom Professional Almond Detangle Shampoo.

"Alfie has become a real creature of habit. He loves sitting with us every night to be brushed.  It really helps calm him before bed.  As well as daily grooming we bath him in the Groom Professionl Almond Detangle Shampoo which also helps to avoid tangles in his coat. Because he doesn't shed much it's even more important to look after is coat and keep it healthy. It smells great too!"

*Suitable for all long-coated, non-shedding breeds.


If you want to try any of the products mentioned above visit and you might find some inspiration for Christmas 


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