Blog - Meet the Team - Arlo the Cockapoo

Blog - Meet the Team - Arlo the Cockapoo
Blog - Meet the Team - Arlo the Cockapoo



If you look up the definition of a Cockapoo up in the dictionary it would say ‘Arlo’.  He is inquisitive, full of energy and loves nothing more than everyone’s full attention!
If Arlo is left alone for too long without someone to entertain him the clever little monkey will show his destructive side and find his own entertainment, usually in the form of socks! It’s Socks socks and more socks. He will seek them out and disappear behind the sofa with them. And Steffans slippers. He just lifts them and runs off!

When it comes to grooming, four-month-old Arlo is more than happy to sit and have his wavy coat brushed, mainly because Steffan has been using a variety of products on him from an early age to get him used to it.

Like most Cockapoo’s, Arlo visits a professional groomer for regular baths and full coat grooming, but to make sure the coat remains in good condition and his skin is healthy Stefan doesn’t avoid grooming him at home between visits.

With a Cockapoo pup, the full coat type won’t be known until he is an adult, meaning it can be difficult to groom him effectively, but don’t let that stop you looking after your pup’s hygiene.

A gentle shampoo and conditioner for his delicate and developing coat will keep him fresh, and a brush a time a few times a week, using a comb or soft slicker brush will keep his coat matt free.

If your pup’s coat, like Arlo’s, is prone to matts and tangles, you might want to try a detangle spray before you comb it, to prevent tugging the coat and aggravating the skin. 

To finish off your groom, or just for a special occasion, don’t forget to add a spray of cologne.  Steffan favours the natural, soap and paraben-free spray ‘Sweet Pea and Vanilla’ for Arlo.

Hopefully, you’ll agree, Alro looks rather smart after his grooming session at home!


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