Autumn Grooming and Halloween

Autumn Grooming and Halloween
Autumn Grooming and Halloween

Autumn Grooming Advice


Dog Lovers - Autumn Has Arrived

It’s time to embrace Autumn - the smell of rain, the crunch of fallen leaves, cosy foods and hot drinks, fireworks, and Halloween celebrations! And as the cooler weather settles in, we want to help you prepare to care for dogs in the salon and at home.

Autumn Grooming

As the days get colder and we start wearing more layers it is important to remind your customers that they should continue with regular grooming appointments over the colder month and not leave their dog’s coats to get too long.  Longer coats will not keep them warmer but will take longer to dry after getting wet outside and coats that are constantly dirty and wet will bunch and matt and this can leave you as a groomer with no option but to clip the dog shorter than you would like for winter.  


It is likely that with the wetter weather dogs will get grubbier than in the dryer months and wool coats will attract and hold more dirt than a silky coat. For the mucky pups visiting your salon check out Groom Professional Dirty Dog  and Wahl Dirty Beastie .  Both these products will cleanse dirty, thick, or matted coats and deodorise even the smelliest pups.


Remind your customers of the importance of drying the dog properly after walks and regular brushing will help remove any matts and tangles.

Christies Autumn Products

Dog colognes

We have some gorgeous warm cologne scents for Autumn to finish your grooms.  A spritz of Groom Professional Toffee Apple Cologne is the perfect Halloween treat, with the delicious aroma of sugar apples and creamy toffee.  Or try the Groom Professional Mulled Orange  with a blend of zesty orange and warm cinnamon.  These are a great retail item to have in your salon for your customers to refresh their dog’s between appointments and baths.

Groom Professional Autumn Colognes


Creative Dog Grooming

Halloween is the perfect time to showcase some creative flair.  The Groom Professional Creative Blow Pens  are a safe and quick way to add some fun for Halloween.  With 12 colours and stencils including Autumn leaves, bats, bones, and paw prints you can have lots of fun, with the owner’s permission, of course.  If owners are concerned about the temporary colour, a Halloween bow will add the wow factor.  These gorgeous orange and purple bows attach like a collar around the dog’s neck.  We also have a range of packs of different coloured bows with elastic band attachments, perfect for any occasion!

Groom Professional Creative Accessories


It’s important to consider how your Halloween celebrations might affect your dog. While you enjoy trick or treating, parties, costumes, and fireworks, these will seem unusual and potentially worrying for your dog, especially if your dog is normally a bit anxious.

Trick or Treat Sweets are not for dogs!

While we enjoy the mini chocolate bars and bags of Haribo, toffee apples, and lollypops,  it’s important to remember that these treats at not for dogs! 

- Chocolate is poisonous for dogs. Theobromine, a caffeine-like molecule in chocolate increase blood flow to the brain and your pup will unable to process this toxin.   It can result in very serious problems such as kidney failure, seizures, and heart problems.  If your dog eats chocolate contact your vet immediately. 

- As autumn and winter approach you may be excited for the warm taste of cinnamon in baking or sprinkle on your coffee but cinnamon powder will irritate a dog’s mouth and can cause vomiting. Make sure your pup does not have access to your

- Xylitol an artificial sweetener found in popular low-fat, diet, and sugar-free treats is a great sugar replacement for humans, but it can cause liver failure is consumed by dogs.  Make sure you check the label of any foods your plan to share with your pup.

- Alcohol, even a very small amount of alcohol can be very dangerous for your dog.  It can lead to an upset stomach, diarrhoea, and damage to their central nervous system.

- Watch out for glow sticks – While Glow sticks are a great costume accessory for a party or to navigate dusky trick or treating, the liquid in the centre, while non-toxic, may cause your pet to vomit.


The noise of fireworks is well known to upset pets who aren’t used to such sporadic and extremely loud noises.

- Don’t leave pets outside

- Try to walk your dog before the fireworks start

- Create a safe quiet space for them inside

- Turn the TV up louder to help mask the noise of the fireworks

- Consider using some natural calming supplements like Serene-Um and Serene-Um Extra by Vet IQ are natural food supplements that induce calmness. Lintbells Yucalm Chewies  contain natural and scientifically proven ingredients to help your dog cope with stress.  Neither of these supplements will cause sedation.


Natural Calming Medication


Stranger Things

Not only are the costumes unusual to your dog but the constant unexpected visitors and weird noises may also upset them and make them anxious. 

- Keep your dog away from the door as on Halloween night with Trick or Treat visitors this may be opened and shut a lot. 

- Don’t dress your pet up unless you are sure they’ll like it.  Costumes should fit and not restrict movements, sight, hearing, or ability to breathe as this will cause you pet distress.

- Spritz your pet with a spray containing lavender essential oil which is known to relax and calm. 

Halloween decorations

Check your Halloween decorations for choking hazards and keep these away from your pet.  Also, be aware that some moulds produce mycotoxins that can cause neurological problems in pets - make sure to dispose of your mouldy pumpkins correctly.  Keep candles and lit pumpkins away from pets in case they burn themselves or knock these over with a nervous or excited tail wag.




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